Saturday, December 27, 2008

Over the Holidays

As of this moment, holidays here at my province is great. =) Before going home, I had my Christmas Dinner/Party with my Assumption Girls and Law School friends =)

On Christmas Eve, spent it with my relatives as usual and my little cousins and we basically danced the whole night (the reason my whole body is aching the net day, yeah I'm old na). My Christmas Day was A-okay, I was practically home the whole day watching Papa give money to people (some of them I don't know)... Then Erwin was there on the afternoon, we planned to go at the resto and drink a few but it was raining so we went there na lang for a couple of munites then he had to leave na to go back to manila.

December 26- we went to Enchanted Kingdom!!! =) It was fun sana minus the super haba na pila and super jologs na ride ng Enchanted, I think lahat sira when we are almost near na, sino bang hindi maaasar nun??? But Erwin had fun, they played paintball over guys na nakalaban nila dun, my little cousins are so cute. =) Hindi sila lumabas sa pinagtataguan nila so they're opponents ran out of bullets so they won, hehehe. =) So in short, I had one ride for the day, Space Shuttle =)

Oh, I got cute gifts as well.. I got a keychain from Cleng with my name on it (super ganda!). Erwin put it on our house keys. I got also a Ralph jacket from her and a white jacket too from Patsy my love =). Two wooden stool from Justine and a wine from Gec. From Honey, we bought ourselves an HP Computer Desktop =)

Haayyy.. I cant wait till Feb for our Boracay.. See you when I see you.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Haayy.. After 4 days of being called in the recitation, I finally have the time to blog. So me and erwin went to Bohol for a couple of days, it was my first time but not his. We stayed at Bohol Divers Club in Panglao Island, they have two pools and a nice beach front but I didnt get to swim at the beach (does snorkeling counts?). So anyway, at our first day, erwin had to work first but after 30 minutes or so we are off to tour around. The best part in this trip is that it's an all-expense paid trip due to erwin's job. I hate tarsier, they're creepy. They are not the cutest thing in the world! I had to see it of course but I never dared to touch it. After which, we had lunch at Loboc River Cruise, fun yeah. Then off to chocolate hills, it was so nice, I mean after wondering what it really looks in actual thing, it was so beautiful, my gradeschool teacher didnt do justice in describing it! Except it was uber hot and sunny when we get there. Then we hit our resort, ate dinner at Alona Resort nearby, it was a tiring day but I had fun! 2ND DAY- Had breakfast in the resort then the van picked us up, had lunch at the tagbilaran highschool when erwin and his officemates really got a warm welcome =). After lunch, we went kayaking!!!! It was the highlight of my trip! I so love it minus the paddling, kawawa nga si erwin coz he paddles for an hour, ako ata I get to paddle lang for 5 minutes. Haaayy, Kayaking in Bohol is a must!!! The vice mayor told us that it wasnt promoted pa, theyre just starting to promote it pa so people would be aware of it. So there you go, please, KAYAK!!! =) The weather was gloomy and humid but it was fine, we get to pass this ala-anaconda type of forest that you'd wonder na any minute there would be a croc or snake that would pop.. There is also a spring bath which is awesome!!! After which, we cruised again on the night then watch the Brass Band of Bohol (its famous there). They really are good, ala0international sila when they perform. Ay, i forgot, we went pala sa mall before hitting Kayak, we bought Bohol shorts which is really cheap, I bought peanut kisses for my friends and I bought danggit for mama and papa! =) Again, it was a tiring day but I had fuuuun!!! So, on our last day (our flight leaves at 5:15 pm eh so we basically have the entire day pa. SNORKELING in Balicasag Island!!! Boracay is no match for Bohol's corals. They are amazing, I saw Nemo!!! Basta, super amazing, cant describe it. Got there by an hour in boat then 1 minute boat na pa-sagwan coz they dont allow motor boat near the corals.

See, I had fun eventhough it means I had to miss classes. =)

Thanks Honey! According to him, it's our post 3rd year! =)

Gnyt everyone!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

See, I had super fun! =)

I will blog.. but not now

I am so busy with:
--> Alumni Homecoming on December 12
--> Catching up on my backlogs for 3 subjects
--> Some errands for papa
--> and busy with my baby.. Yes, my baby Sabella is back! She's the cutest =)

I will definitely blog about papa's birthday and my Bohol trip last Nov 20-22 =) I had a blast =)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

career high

Its our 3 years and 1 month anniversary today. =) Erwin already planned our whole night out but then we find ourselves super lazy to further go out and walk.. =( He planned dinner at Serendra then listen to Rihanna/Chris Brown concert.. Listen lang ha, hehe. Its too expensive, super unconscionable!!! But anyway, aside from that I had my little or lets say minor therapy yesterday at home. Basta, pag may effect na, I will blog about it! =) Hhmm, I was searching yesterday for Bikram Yoga, I wanna try it, if you do know someone who's offering it na cheap lang for session ha. Please let me know =)

I have to lose weight as in!!!

But definitely, me and Erwin is in super jolly mood now, happy, cant stop smiling, we are excited about christmas shopping (ooh, I super love the D&G shades I saw in SM, its 8k worth).. And Sabella is coming home tomorrow!!! Cant wait!

We thank thee for the blessing we received this week and hopefully more blessings to come!

Have to go, Im at starbucks taft. Digesting Cases. Boo! Its a freakin Sunday!

Friday, November 7, 2008

My thursday date =)

After I got the big news that I passed all my subjects this 1st sem (big deal for me coz half of my class did not make it), pero unfair naman talaga yung ibang professors. =( But anyway, I was so happy!!! Then went to erwin's school for his enrollment which is super tagal mag enroll but good thing he still got in for those CLOSED subjects. And then we went on with our date, watched Quantum of Solace at Trinoma, had nachos and drinks. And then this.. I am so into Burger King right now, Yes, I know I just discovered that their whopper is superb!!! =)

Monday, November 3, 2008


My honey's back! =) He got me another Long Champ bag, this time its blue, aawayin ko sana sya when I saw him (coz he did it again, not in any way related to girls ha, petty lang) but he knew already what will calm me down, so when he handed me the bag parang as if nothing happened, hehe. I so love it. Anyway, Im not enrolled yet, thurs is the start of the class so thurs na rin ako mag eenroll, its my last semester hopefully so please pray for me that i'd be able to pull this semester and get over with being a student. I swear, lahat na ng friends ko are successful! Speaking of friends, ill be meeting the gurls this saturday at Justine's house. Patsy, u better be there!!! And bring those wine of yours, ill bring daw roast chicken and cakes eh. Im excited! =) Yung mga to-do's ko this sem break, walang nangyari kahit isa so instead of studying this sem, isasabay ko pa yung mga pending to-do's ko. Alumni homecoming is one of them! Haaayyyy.. Naiinis ako sa sarili ko. Nagpakabum lang tlga ko!!!

Enough of this, picture below? Hulaan nyo na lang kung asang lupalop ako nyan. Hehe. =)

Friday, October 24, 2008


Yes, im bored to death but dont get me wrong I super love my boring feeling. I mean I get to be bum for a week na, surf the net if I wanted to, do all my pending chores, finish my pending to-do's.. Haayyy.. Eto napapala ng iilan lang ang friends sa province =( I miss sabella...

I miss my honey.. But he's having fun in Korea so ayokong ipre-empt yung tuwa nya dun.

So sa super wala akong magawa, I booked myself and erwin to Boracay on Feb 12- Feb 14, hehe. Ang mura sa cebu pacific eh, so it will be a cute valentine for us. Im excited!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Yurakuen at Diamond Hotel

Enjoying his yurakuen set =)

Yummy chocolate pudding =)

one thousand ninety five days

Erwin and I met in first year law school, nope he's not my classmate. He belongs to one of those intelligent section at school. Got to know him when they merged us up to their section coz we have the same professor, I vividly remember when I was about to finish my last sentence at our quiz, he came in late, walk just right in front of me in a hurry and accidentally tore my yellow paper into two, not just that, my yellow paper has markings on it. I stared at him when he seated at the professors table (no more vacant seats at that time), super stared at him to let him know that I am raging mad, but I dont think he gets it, he just stared at me point black and maliciously thought that Im so into him. Anyway, so he thought i have a crush on him coz I was staring so he got my number from a friend and there, after a year of courtship, I said yes =). But little did I know na kaya naman pala he's taking his sweet time in courting me for a year, he has girls on the side, yes, not just a girl, girlSSSS. But anyway, nature ko kasi na when I met someone for the first time and got this impression for the first time, kahit pa magbago yung tao, ganun pa rin yung impression ko the first time I met him. So for me, Erwin is such a good boy =). Kahit ata may magsabi sakin ngayun na Erwin is playing around, I wont believe them. And Erwin knows that, kaya natutuwa sya and feeling nya talga mabait sya. =) But honestly, in our 3 years and 2 years of living with each other, never had a huge fight over something. Petty fights, yes, but major fights over girls or something, wala pa naman. We had our rough times but we got over it, he was there all the time. It made us much more closer to each other and it made him feel na wala na syang choice kundi kami na talaga, hahaha. =) The 3 years we had is a rollercoaster ride, no extremes, parang yung rollercoaster ride sa Enchanted na maikli. Ganun lang, not the space shuttle ha, super extreme na yun. But nevertheless, I feel lucky and blessed that I have him in my life, na I met him after he had his sweet time over girls (sakit sa ulo). Honey, we have so much to discover about another and more bumps ahead of us but I know we will make the most of what we have. I love you so much mahal and Happy Anniversary!!! =)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Its over...

Hay, this september is full of "its over"... Bar Ops is over, at last. I could study na pag saturday and sunday esp now that finals is fast approaching. Meaning, wont be blogging for quite some time. Nalulungkot pako coz erwin will be leaving for bora this friday and i dont get to come with him kasiI have Political Law Exam, kaka frustrate tapos next month Korea naman sya.. Haaayy.. so bahay lang ako but the good thing is on friday I get to watch 50 Cent concert with eli =) All Access pa, thanks to my dearest sister! Hehe.. Anyway, see you when i see you..

Friday, September 26, 2008

September fever!

I have so many friends who's celebrating their birthday every September, aside from Erwin of course. But today, we celebrated Queency's birthday at school. Originally it was suppose to be at Seaside but since she'll be celebrating it with Alfred, she opted to celebrate it at school instead. Pero since super swerte ng birthday nya today, note: its our Civil Law Make up class today, Remedial Law class then Labor Law class.. Kumusta ka naman jan dba??? =) So super ngarag sya talaga. =) Anyway so right after class we ate at the 3rd floor na lang (she had food delivered). Fun, laughter, asaran, sarcasms =) Hehe. But anyway, Happy Birthday Quince!!! May you have many more birthdays to come!

Happy Birthday also to my aunt Jinggay! Hehe! Miss you!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Erwin's Birthday!

It was hon's birthday last Friday, Sept 19 =) Ate at Little Asia in Morato with Tatay, Coney and Joenel. =) I have ample time to blog coz im always tired after school. So here's a littl bit of what's happening to me.. =)

Monday, September 8, 2008

My Honey and my baby =)

Disclaimer: Hindi ko po anak si Sabella, pamangkin ko lang but if given a chance, I wish she's mine =) May similarities kami dba? Hhmmm... Kulay? Mata? =) Oo, she got my eyes! =)

Bar Operations and some tid bits

Its September, the most awaited time of the year where law students take the next step in order to get the most awaited ATTY in their name. =) So to gain my good karma, mega-help ako this bar ops, hehe. As if! Kasama naman talaga ko sa committee hehe. Anyway, last week was okay naman. I wasnt called sa Rem, Civ and Crim except Labor (pero buti nalang madali lang yung case). Last friday, we were about to surprise Ava coz its her birthday but since 9:30 pa dismiss namin, we had to follow sa party nya and I think she got surprised naman.

Then, went home agad coz hindi ko sinabi kay Erwin na dumaan ako dun. Leonard and Johms were with me. Then I missed practice court (with intent toh), tapos me and hon went to trinoma para mag tekken na naman sya. Oh! I forgot to post these two little cuties that I got dun sa dream catcher ba yun? As in when I saw it sabi ko kay Erwin I know I can get those two! Super I mastered na yung technique kung pano sya makuha, and then VOILA!!! I got two in one swipe! Galing ko noh? Erwin was amazed hehe! Tapos he tried, hindi sya nakakuha! And the other pic is hon's newest addiction, ang mag-TEKKEN on which he will be so frustrated pag natatalo sya! (sino ba naman kasing gumagamit kay Feng Wei dba???)

I missed Crim today, sana hindi magcheck ng attendance ulit para wala pa din akong absent =( Super tinatamad talaga ko and hon also.. I have to sleep early tonight. But before anything else, i'll digest cases first. Goodnight everyone!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Saturday =)

I got up at 7am. Early noh? Super kulang na talga ko sa sleep. Then went to Makati coz its our Legal Aid at Brgy, Guadalupe Nuevo! Haayyy, buti na lang konti lang nag pa-assist, kakatamad that day. When it was our turn naubusan na hehe. Super dami naman kasi namin dun na law student so kahit isang barangay magpunta, todo assist sila. We stayed there till lunch, had Jollibee for lunch tapos may take out pa =). Then after that went home, I was uber tired at that time tapos last saturday pa was so super init, as in!!!

When I got home, honey was playing Eraserheads songs!!! I mean im familiar naman with their song but not an absolute fan. In short, Erwin was able to drag me to watch the concert. It was for free and I didnt expect na I'll have fun! =) It was super fun as in, parang old school swear!!! Kahit na im not a fan you'll know that they really had their time when they were famous kasi ako nga I can make sabay sa mga kanta nila kahit hindi ako fanatic nila. Grabe si erwin, super memorize songs nila. But then we had fun kahit na they have to cut it short coz Eli had to be rush sa hospital coz of emotional and physical stress =( (pray for him pls). Aside from that, we didnt have a decent dinner kasi nga late na kami so McDo na lang na super haba ang line. It was a fun and sweet day =) Malapit na kami mag 3 years!!!! =) Im looking where we can spend it. Any suggestions guys???

I'm super tired na at this time.

Fatuts, jacket ko =) Napapanaginipan ko na kasi. Wehehehe. Maganda ba For the First Time? Or A very Special Love pa din??

Super nice pala ang Big Stan =) And Caregiver (watched it sa DVD kanina) =)

Goodnight people! =) Mwah!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Midterms are over!

Haayy, finally. After two weeks of cramming, lack of sleep (joke lang, 11pm pa lang tulog na tulog nako), reading an entire book at kung ano-ano pang books, staying at Starbucks for the whole day na super nagpapalpitate nako sa Capuccino, at last its over. May finals pa but I have to worry about it on October pa. I was kinda worry about the results coz I swear, its super hard, I think I wasnt able to finish mga 4 subjects and sang banda naman ako papasa dun dba?! But I got na my booklet sa Remedial and Labor, I substantially passed sa Rem and got 84 sa Labor (though may naka-100, Congrats Ria!). And now I realize that I really have to study hard, as in double with what Im doing now so less blogging at internet. Hehe. So anyway, this is what Blue Black means...

Thats me and hon in Josephine's having Palabok and Dinuguan, super yummy! Anyway, Ganito kasi yon okay, I tried to have this ridiculous hair of mine dyed once again. So last week I went sa Fix in Katipunan, asked Sonny if he could do something about it but he said that if he tries to dye it the new color wont be able to take effect kasi nga blue black color daw is super strong, what the heck dba, I asked another stylist but same answer to my dilemma. So to cut the story short, I STILL cant do anything about it UNTIL it turns long again or have the color fade pa siguro which will take about 3 months!!! Kairita! So I had it cut na lang, trim rather coz yoko na nga short hair. I miss my long hair!!!

Anyway, my family and my relatives went to Tagaytay over the weekend. Super fun kasi with my little cousins and Sabella and its a little celebration coz its Mama's Birthday. Went to Cafe Lupe for a few drinks with mau, rap, bilog and erwin. =) Yun lang, have to study now.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Blue Black

Oh yes, I dyed my hair!!! Ang pakialamera ko kasi! I even thought it looks good on me! So when my classmates and my friends saw me kanina in our Labor Law Review exam, they gave a great amazingly laugh!! So i will have it dye next week, I'll just give my hair time to relax from that chemical thingy! Kairita! As in! Sana I wont cross path with those persons I dont wanna bump with! Ang panget, literal! I'll post a picture of me before I'll get these dyed so you could have a great laugh too. =)

Haaayyy, my last exam is on Wednesday pa! =)

Oh, it was nice seeing my good friend back in highschool, Kristine Horca! =) Ive missed her! =) (I just hate what I look like last thursday, mukha akong walang tulog because of Rem)

Happy 34th Monthsary to me and my Honey!!! =)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Told you so...

Hay.. Hindi pala sale sa Charles and Keith but still Honey got me these two beautiful sandals. I deserved it (me not shopping for a month na as in). So I told Erwin na super nalulungkot ako.. And now i'm uber happy. =) Sa super tuwang tuwa ako, I finished reading the coverage ng Wills and Succession ni Jurado in one seating at Starbucks a while ago. Dba??? =) Tapos my night pa went so well (kahit hindi pa tapos ang gabi) wink wink =)

So, ill go to Tanay tomorrow finally. Lunch at our resto coz its Beth's Thanksgiving for passing the Licensure Exam for Nurses (tama ba?), she's a good friend from Tanay, actually one of my two friends sa Tanay. =) Dalawa lang kasi silang close ko dun. Hehe. But anyway, I'm glad she passed. =)

Then, i'll try to study coz Civil Law Review Midterms on tuesday. Wish me luck.

Belated Happy Birthday to the best sister I have, CARZ!!! =)

Congratulations Lilibeth Custodio RN!!! =)

Its close to 11pm, kaya pala mejo pa low batt nako. Goodnight. Toodles!

Im not excited..

.. on studying for my midterm week starting Monday. Pero since sale sa Trinoma, it made my day exciting. Ipagsha-shopping ako ni Honey, I can feel it, hehe. I have to have that sandals in Charles and that pretty awesome tee sa Zara.=)

Toodles. =)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Im excited!

Excited about..
1. Study at Harbour Starbucks tom with Jan and Quince coz wala kaming Political Law class. (I always study at this Starbucks, its the one near CCP)
2. Baclaran since First Wednesday. Natutuwa ako coz I havent missed a single first wednesday pa. Sama lang naman ang winiwish ko..
3. Divisoria to buy tela. =) I think I can copy yung shorts na I bought sa Mango and a formal top from Zara.
4. 168 Mall to buy overrun na tops for everyday or ngarag days. =)and panties, hehe.

Haaayyy.. Divisoria is one of my comfort zone. (aside from Supermarket and National Bookstore)

I just picked this line up from my classmates' blog.. "I Love You IN REM". IN REM means enforceable against the whole world.. Corny noh? Its a latin word we often use in law school. Told Erwin this line, he finds it sweet, hehe, hindi nya alam I just picked it up.

I have to sleep early, have to wake up at 7ish. Night. =)

Monday, August 4, 2008

What weekend?

Saturday and Sunday just went by breeze. Grabe, I didnt feel a thing. Usually, on a saturday, me and erwin will go to trinoma, basketball or tekken at timezone, movie and eat. Pero the last weekend? Jan, Quince and I studied at Starbucks Leviste for hours! Tapos we had our midterm exam on political law nung sunday for 2-5pm and get this, I didnt finish the test! It was super damn long, I need like 5 hours to finish the test. Bumagal pako coz im trying to look pa if my grammar was correct coz Suarez is so particular dun. Kainis! So I went home after the test with a heavy heart, I think i'll pass pero not that good. After which, Erwin is so happy to see me (coz he's stuck over the weekends) so we went sa mall and played basketball (I have this achingly funny thing in my shoulder which really hurts). Haayyy.. Buti na lang I saw my baby Sabella last Friday, she's so kulit and amazingly pretty!

Finally, inspite of being pressured last Saturday on my Poli Exam, I get to watch pa "Very Special Love" at Glorietta. Super Kilig and super gwapo ni John Lloyd!!! Twas' worth it! Of course I didnt watched it with Erwin (himala pag nayaya ko yun), watched it with Mau and Bella's yaya, hehe.

Oh, and today. I made a very wise decision. I didnt go to class again BUT the professor didnt checked the attendance. Hehe. Instead, I watched "The Practice" Season 8, I had to finish it! Super ganda.

Its past 10:30pm, kaya pala inaantok nako. Goodnight..

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I think I got that grade in Criminal Review class kanina. Kasi naman, super bokya naman ako on my first recit so I had to redeem myself! Im tired already.. Still have to study for Remedial, Crim and especially for Political Law.. Hmm, be staying at Starbucks Harbour Square tom to study for the whole day. See yah!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Thanks SONA!

Because of SONA, Fiscal Salva decided not to have classes today but usually Law School still conduct classes. Haayy, back in AC no class pag SONA eh. But im super grateful coz I get to rest today. Its been a week since I have these colds and now cough naman.. Im taking all the meds now so come midterms, these are all gone. I cant talaga study pag im sick, OA kasi ko pag may sakit. Psychological na. =)It came worst when I drank a couple of beers last saturday night at the acquaintance. Hindi pa naman ako umuwi sa Tanay so I could do all my backlogs yesterday, pero I slept the whole day din yesterday. And in the afternoon, I had La Pinay ng Cafe Breton at Trinoma (super yummy talaga!), haaayyy buti na lang din im sick so pinagbibigyan ako ni Erwin. Its my chance today to re-live my goals, hehe.

Congrats Bernice, Rayshel, Will and to the rest of the team for the success of acquaintance!

Please listen to the SONA later. Main thrust is the National Social Welfare Program. Tamano said in the news that it would be better for the Filipino people to just ignore today's event. Some or at least 5 of them will boycott GMA's speech.

You may not like her, but at least listen to her.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Its been a long time..

.. since I bought a new pair of sandals.

Nakakafrustrate but then I have to save up (dont ask for where, I dont even know what im depriving myself from).

.. since I had my hair cut, hmmm a month ago pa ata with Jan in Serendra.
.. since I had a foot spa, manicure and pedicure. I soooo want this!
.. wax.

Soon, i'll overcome this.

Anyway, yesterday me, jan and quince instead of studying Crim and Civ, nagchismisan kami. Well, hindi naman tsismis coz almost all of it are the truth. Hehe. We even go as far as stalking. Sabi ko I stalked whenever I feel like stalking more of being skeptical naman. Pero if I dont wanna know something or it would hurt me, I dont stick my nose into it. I know things that would really break someone's heart.. (not me and erwin ha) Hhmm.. I was asked nga, I think it was Jan or someone else na isumbong ko daw sa mga wives nila! Yoko nga, then it came to my mind na it really does takes two to tango..

I am such a good girl. =) I'm Erwin's girl. =)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I didnt miss a class this week...

..pero nabokya ako sa Crim Rev, nanginginig ako sa Rem for 3 hours, nag-cram ako sa Poli, and natawag ako sa Civ pero I saw my grade, me and Quince got 80! =) That made my week except sa putek na Crim! Mag-aaral na talaga ko promise...

Im craving for La Pinay ng Cafe Breton and may utang pa sakin si honey ng dinner sa Bar 42 for our monthsary (yes, we celebrate) Hehe. Im so looking forward to see Sabella when I get home this weekend.

Goodnight, im effing tired.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend? Great! =)

My weekend was A-okay. =) After saturday night dinner with my girls. The next day, me and honey went to Trinoma to watch a movie but first, before anything else we had to stop at timezone for like an hour and play Tekken. =) Honey just cant give up Feng! I told hima thousand times na hindi talaga nananalo si Feng! I mean wala ngang gumugamit ng character ni Feng dbaaaa??? Haaayyy.. He has this sense of loyalty kay Feng! Me? Im an avid Christie Montero fan talaga. Anyway, so we watched MAMA MIA, it was okay actually, musical but it was funny and a feel good movie.

It was rainy so hon really had to wear his porma jacket (picture inset) Wehehehe!

My super diverse friends

Its been a while since I last saw them, uhmmm medyo mga two months ago pa I think especially Justine since she's been away in Singapore but now she's back for good. =) And for her birthday threat, we ate at Cafe Bola Greenbelt since Cyma was closed. Then had Zombie at Masas. Take a loooooottt of pictures but had to leave at around 12ish coz Patsy has an early flight. Aawww.. but till our next dinner and our girls Spa. =)

Mwah! Mwah! I missed you girls!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sino ba talaga nagpaiyak???

For a week I cant stop thinking about this.. Or lets put it this way, Im trying to remember what happen.. As in yung talagang nangyari..

My AC classmates, do you still remember na umiyak si AJ Torrente nung 4th year? And If Yes, Sino nagpaiyak?

For no reason at all, naisip ko lang bigla. (Officemate kasi ngayun ni Justine sya, hehe) Wink! Wink!

Hancock over Criminal Law

Yes.. I missed a class today not only na I feel so tamad every monday but because iiwanan ako ni honey umuwi! Though, Hancock is super nice! As in! I todo love Will Smith! Pero, I was eager to go home coz I promised myself na magda-digest ako but we were caught in traffic so we decided nga to hang out sa mall... (drum rolling) SM MANILA!!! Hehe.

Pero may hangover pako knowing na "Confessions of a Shopaholic" is filming =)

Haaaayyy.. I wonder kung natawag ako sa Crim.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

This made my week...

I kinda dont feel good about my week.. For one, I missed my Remedial Class, pano naman hindi talga ko nakaaral as in. So instead I studied my Labor then all of a sudden there's an announcement na wala daw recit so all of us stopped studying, it turned out na it wasn't true, badtrip noh?!! Superb! Moral Lesson: Wag kang nagpapaniwala sa ganon MISCH!!! Secondly, I havent started pa digesting my cases and I have super daming backlogs! I finally realized na dapat my entire weekend will entirely be devoted to my mishaps eh these past few weekends umuuwi ako Tanay coz Mama is in Europe, but now she's back! =)

But these made my week...
Are you thinking what I'm thinking????? YES!!! A movie of the "Confessions of a Shopaholic" by Sophie Kinsella!!! I totally love the book and bought the entire collection in one buying. Isla Fisher will be Rebecca Bloomwood! Oh my, I wonder who's Luke Brandon... Haaayyy... I cant wait for 2009.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

yes, im whining..

1. My Remedial and Labor recit was really bad.. Im reciting nonsense just to fill the "uhmm" moment
2. My throat hurts, I think i'll be sick
3. Im short in cash when its just the middle of the week. Its okay, the Mango shorts really look good on me =)
4. Arguments make me sick thats why I have a lot of patience
5. Gas is really getting higher, may kotse nga hindi ko naman magamit kaya MRT to the max ako
6. My backlogs are piling up and I dont have a dull time in my sched!!!
7. I cant buy a new pair of sandals or else kakalbuhin nako ni Erwin!
8. I lack sleep
9. I need a damn good massage and a foot spa

Thanks Ava for giving me a lift =) Very gossipy ang ating trip to the north. =)


What keeps me going right now is when Mama comes back home from her European Tour. My D&G bag, my Esprit and kung ano ano pa, hehe. And my new clothes..

Goodnight everyone!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This will kill me...

... by heart attack, anxiety, nasobrahan sa super kaba (meron ba nito?) and sleepless nights

Political Review by Suarez
Criminal Law Review by Salva
Civil Law Review by Uribe
Remedial Law Review by Brondial

... Swear, if you know what I'm talking about, you'll totally understand me =(

I am so tired. Goodnight.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A dreadful week

I am not anticipating my second week in this school year... First week was supposedly first meeting of each professor but they got me horrified super! During Remedial Law Review, nanginginig ako the entire 3 hours and praying na I dont get to be called. Parang Arcilla nung first year.

Buti na lang ill go home tonight, I miss Sabella and Mama is still in Germany so I have this duty na bantayan ang resto =). (explaining again sa mga taga-Tanay what is CONSUMMABLE is NAKAKAKALBO!!!!)

Jan, since inerase mo comment ko, Happy 1st Monthsary! =) Wehehe

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

i miss my girlfriends

I miss my AC girls..
Kanina kasi Justine caught me sa YM so we were chatting for an hour about nonsense stuff, from college days till buhay2x ng mga tao ngayun. =) Way back in college we have our own things and we are so different pa. I mean Patsy is like the super clumsy na tao!!! As in! One moment her white top is clean then the next second, she has ketchup all over and one minute ur talking to her tapos you'll see her na nadapa or natapilok. And she's like eli (law school), she's like the bestfriend of the entire AC community!!! Which I hate coz I cant be that friendly! I miss you fatuts! Then Gec, Geckie is like hhmmm.. wait hindi ko ma-describe, parang mommy when she talks pero ultimate mang-pintas (thats why I love her), and super humirit na talagang you'll laugh! And the green talks! I love her coz of the dirty stuff, promise! And then there's Justine, career-minded person, if she dont like you she'll totally not like you for the rest of her life, as in literal! But i love her coz she's not plastic (sa iba, OO). She's matapobre in a nice way (may ganun ba?). Basta, she is. Oh, I miss Karren! We go along since first year but she had to leave, I miss her uncontrollable laughter na pag ikaw ang tinawanan nya, maiinis ka talga!!! Pero once na nagtaray sya, she really is serious about it! And I love the way she dance! Cleng, she's having her own family now and im happy for her. Haaayyy.. I miss our Fridays pag lunch, our Maxs for breakfast, our Yakisoba for merienda, yosi (college ha?) sa starbucks, Silvanas sa isang street sa may San Lo, Streetlife when it was still open for lunch din (and sino nga pala yung friend natin na hindi kumakain sa Food Choices?) and I miss carpooling with Pre, with our own little adventures dba pre? Hehe! Grabe, now I realize na mas may pera ata ako nung college, ngayun KFC and Bento Box na lang! =)

4th Year =)

Haaayyyy.. Sana talaga one semester na lang. =)

Monday, June 16, 2008

I love Christie Montero!

Im not naman addicted to Tekken, I just love beating Erwin's fave character which is Feng, but these past few days I was actually beaten. Im talking about Tekken 5 (which is alien to those whose not playing PSP or PS2 or PS3). Patsy can relate to this. =) Anyway, the reason why I love timezone more is because of their Tekken 6 which I cannot play kasi grabe mga addict na ata mga tao dun! Super galing nila with that freaking joystick! Kainis! So pag magagaling, me and erwin will just race or play basketball. I think kaya im blurting this out is to see if im still a normal girl.

Am I speaking a different language? Hindi naman abnormal na we play always in timezone right? BF-GF do these things right?

Its one of my best friends birthday today, she's my classmate back in college but in our 4th year she decided to go to Utah =( And now she's having her family and im so happy for her! Happy Birthday Karren! Miss you!

Friday, June 13, 2008

No, Im not back into blogging!

.. as if naman naging addicted ako noh! My friend patsy will be most likely to be a blogger coz she really writes well, she has this serious mode pa nga (which hindi talaga ko nagkakaron). Yes, as you can remember I've erased my old blog kasi nga feeling ko i'm sharing my life to strangers but I realized na I dont have to share everything =). My friend Ayn pa nga told me na inerase ko na nga blog ko so hindi na nya mabasa, hello ayn! Hehe!
Anyway, the reason na I reactivated my blog is i'm really confuse about my section this semester, my friend Jan is in Sec A, Eli is in Sec B. I want to have them both kasi last year na namin (sana!) but im also considering the subjects and yung bigat ng load with such professor and of course yung sched din ni Erwin if we'll bring one car lang kasi nga ang mahal ng gas! So here goes..

Criminal Law 5:30-7:30
Political Law 7:30-9:00
Criminal Law 5:30-7:30
Civil Law 7:30-9:30
Political Law 7:30-9:00
Remedial Law 4:00-7:00
Civil Law 7:30-9:30
Labor Law 5:30-7:30
Practice Court 10:00-12:00

Political Law 6:00-7:30
Criminal Law 7:30-9:30
Civil Law 5:30-7:30
Criminal Law 7:30-9:00
Political Law 6:00-7:30
Civil Law 5:30-7:30
Remedial Law 4:00-7:00
Labor Law 7:30-9:30
Practice Court 1:00-3:00

Right now, im in Section B coz of the fact na ayokong pagsabayin ang Remedial ko and Civil coz matrabaho ang professor but at the same time wala naman akong kasama, sabi ni Jan "no pressure" pero gusto kong ma-pressure! Whatcha think?!