Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend? Great! =)

My weekend was A-okay. =) After saturday night dinner with my girls. The next day, me and honey went to Trinoma to watch a movie but first, before anything else we had to stop at timezone for like an hour and play Tekken. =) Honey just cant give up Feng! I told hima thousand times na hindi talaga nananalo si Feng! I mean wala ngang gumugamit ng character ni Feng dbaaaa??? Haaayyy.. He has this sense of loyalty kay Feng! Me? Im an avid Christie Montero fan talaga. Anyway, so we watched MAMA MIA, it was okay actually, musical but it was funny and a feel good movie.

It was rainy so hon really had to wear his porma jacket (picture inset) Wehehehe!

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