Tuesday, July 1, 2008

yes, im whining..

1. My Remedial and Labor recit was really bad.. Im reciting nonsense just to fill the "uhmm" moment
2. My throat hurts, I think i'll be sick
3. Im short in cash when its just the middle of the week. Its okay, the Mango shorts really look good on me =)
4. Arguments make me sick thats why I have a lot of patience
5. Gas is really getting higher, may kotse nga hindi ko naman magamit kaya MRT to the max ako
6. My backlogs are piling up and I dont have a dull time in my sched!!!
7. I cant buy a new pair of sandals or else kakalbuhin nako ni Erwin!
8. I lack sleep
9. I need a damn good massage and a foot spa

Thanks Ava for giving me a lift =) Very gossipy ang ating trip to the north. =)


What keeps me going right now is when Mama comes back home from her European Tour. My D&G bag, my Esprit and kung ano ano pa, hehe. And my new clothes..

Goodnight everyone!

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