Saturday, August 16, 2008

Blue Black

Oh yes, I dyed my hair!!! Ang pakialamera ko kasi! I even thought it looks good on me! So when my classmates and my friends saw me kanina in our Labor Law Review exam, they gave a great amazingly laugh!! So i will have it dye next week, I'll just give my hair time to relax from that chemical thingy! Kairita! As in! Sana I wont cross path with those persons I dont wanna bump with! Ang panget, literal! I'll post a picture of me before I'll get these dyed so you could have a great laugh too. =)

Haaayyy, my last exam is on Wednesday pa! =)

Oh, it was nice seeing my good friend back in highschool, Kristine Horca! =) Ive missed her! =) (I just hate what I look like last thursday, mukha akong walang tulog because of Rem)

Happy 34th Monthsary to me and my Honey!!! =)

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