Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Saturday =)

I got up at 7am. Early noh? Super kulang na talga ko sa sleep. Then went to Makati coz its our Legal Aid at Brgy, Guadalupe Nuevo! Haayyy, buti na lang konti lang nag pa-assist, kakatamad that day. When it was our turn naubusan na hehe. Super dami naman kasi namin dun na law student so kahit isang barangay magpunta, todo assist sila. We stayed there till lunch, had Jollibee for lunch tapos may take out pa =). Then after that went home, I was uber tired at that time tapos last saturday pa was so super init, as in!!!

When I got home, honey was playing Eraserheads songs!!! I mean im familiar naman with their song but not an absolute fan. In short, Erwin was able to drag me to watch the concert. It was for free and I didnt expect na I'll have fun! =) It was super fun as in, parang old school swear!!! Kahit na im not a fan you'll know that they really had their time when they were famous kasi ako nga I can make sabay sa mga kanta nila kahit hindi ako fanatic nila. Grabe si erwin, super memorize songs nila. But then we had fun kahit na they have to cut it short coz Eli had to be rush sa hospital coz of emotional and physical stress =( (pray for him pls). Aside from that, we didnt have a decent dinner kasi nga late na kami so McDo na lang na super haba ang line. It was a fun and sweet day =) Malapit na kami mag 3 years!!!! =) Im looking where we can spend it. Any suggestions guys???

I'm super tired na at this time.

Fatuts, jacket ko =) Napapanaginipan ko na kasi. Wehehehe. Maganda ba For the First Time? Or A very Special Love pa din??

Super nice pala ang Big Stan =) And Caregiver (watched it sa DVD kanina) =)

Goodnight people! =) Mwah!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Midterms are over!

Haayy, finally. After two weeks of cramming, lack of sleep (joke lang, 11pm pa lang tulog na tulog nako), reading an entire book at kung ano-ano pang books, staying at Starbucks for the whole day na super nagpapalpitate nako sa Capuccino, at last its over. May finals pa but I have to worry about it on October pa. I was kinda worry about the results coz I swear, its super hard, I think I wasnt able to finish mga 4 subjects and sang banda naman ako papasa dun dba?! But I got na my booklet sa Remedial and Labor, I substantially passed sa Rem and got 84 sa Labor (though may naka-100, Congrats Ria!). And now I realize that I really have to study hard, as in double with what Im doing now so less blogging at internet. Hehe. So anyway, this is what Blue Black means...

Thats me and hon in Josephine's having Palabok and Dinuguan, super yummy! Anyway, Ganito kasi yon okay, I tried to have this ridiculous hair of mine dyed once again. So last week I went sa Fix in Katipunan, asked Sonny if he could do something about it but he said that if he tries to dye it the new color wont be able to take effect kasi nga blue black color daw is super strong, what the heck dba, I asked another stylist but same answer to my dilemma. So to cut the story short, I STILL cant do anything about it UNTIL it turns long again or have the color fade pa siguro which will take about 3 months!!! Kairita! So I had it cut na lang, trim rather coz yoko na nga short hair. I miss my long hair!!!

Anyway, my family and my relatives went to Tagaytay over the weekend. Super fun kasi with my little cousins and Sabella and its a little celebration coz its Mama's Birthday. Went to Cafe Lupe for a few drinks with mau, rap, bilog and erwin. =) Yun lang, have to study now.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Blue Black

Oh yes, I dyed my hair!!! Ang pakialamera ko kasi! I even thought it looks good on me! So when my classmates and my friends saw me kanina in our Labor Law Review exam, they gave a great amazingly laugh!! So i will have it dye next week, I'll just give my hair time to relax from that chemical thingy! Kairita! As in! Sana I wont cross path with those persons I dont wanna bump with! Ang panget, literal! I'll post a picture of me before I'll get these dyed so you could have a great laugh too. =)

Haaayyy, my last exam is on Wednesday pa! =)

Oh, it was nice seeing my good friend back in highschool, Kristine Horca! =) Ive missed her! =) (I just hate what I look like last thursday, mukha akong walang tulog because of Rem)

Happy 34th Monthsary to me and my Honey!!! =)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Told you so...

Hay.. Hindi pala sale sa Charles and Keith but still Honey got me these two beautiful sandals. I deserved it (me not shopping for a month na as in). So I told Erwin na super nalulungkot ako.. And now i'm uber happy. =) Sa super tuwang tuwa ako, I finished reading the coverage ng Wills and Succession ni Jurado in one seating at Starbucks a while ago. Dba??? =) Tapos my night pa went so well (kahit hindi pa tapos ang gabi) wink wink =)

So, ill go to Tanay tomorrow finally. Lunch at our resto coz its Beth's Thanksgiving for passing the Licensure Exam for Nurses (tama ba?), she's a good friend from Tanay, actually one of my two friends sa Tanay. =) Dalawa lang kasi silang close ko dun. Hehe. But anyway, I'm glad she passed. =)

Then, i'll try to study coz Civil Law Review Midterms on tuesday. Wish me luck.

Belated Happy Birthday to the best sister I have, CARZ!!! =)

Congratulations Lilibeth Custodio RN!!! =)

Its close to 11pm, kaya pala mejo pa low batt nako. Goodnight. Toodles!

Im not excited..

.. on studying for my midterm week starting Monday. Pero since sale sa Trinoma, it made my day exciting. Ipagsha-shopping ako ni Honey, I can feel it, hehe. I have to have that sandals in Charles and that pretty awesome tee sa Zara.=)

Toodles. =)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Im excited!

Excited about..
1. Study at Harbour Starbucks tom with Jan and Quince coz wala kaming Political Law class. (I always study at this Starbucks, its the one near CCP)
2. Baclaran since First Wednesday. Natutuwa ako coz I havent missed a single first wednesday pa. Sama lang naman ang winiwish ko..
3. Divisoria to buy tela. =) I think I can copy yung shorts na I bought sa Mango and a formal top from Zara.
4. 168 Mall to buy overrun na tops for everyday or ngarag days. =)and panties, hehe.

Haaayyy.. Divisoria is one of my comfort zone. (aside from Supermarket and National Bookstore)

I just picked this line up from my classmates' blog.. "I Love You IN REM". IN REM means enforceable against the whole world.. Corny noh? Its a latin word we often use in law school. Told Erwin this line, he finds it sweet, hehe, hindi nya alam I just picked it up.

I have to sleep early, have to wake up at 7ish. Night. =)

Monday, August 4, 2008

What weekend?

Saturday and Sunday just went by breeze. Grabe, I didnt feel a thing. Usually, on a saturday, me and erwin will go to trinoma, basketball or tekken at timezone, movie and eat. Pero the last weekend? Jan, Quince and I studied at Starbucks Leviste for hours! Tapos we had our midterm exam on political law nung sunday for 2-5pm and get this, I didnt finish the test! It was super damn long, I need like 5 hours to finish the test. Bumagal pako coz im trying to look pa if my grammar was correct coz Suarez is so particular dun. Kainis! So I went home after the test with a heavy heart, I think i'll pass pero not that good. After which, Erwin is so happy to see me (coz he's stuck over the weekends) so we went sa mall and played basketball (I have this achingly funny thing in my shoulder which really hurts). Haayyy.. Buti na lang I saw my baby Sabella last Friday, she's so kulit and amazingly pretty!

Finally, inspite of being pressured last Saturday on my Poli Exam, I get to watch pa "Very Special Love" at Glorietta. Super Kilig and super gwapo ni John Lloyd!!! Twas' worth it! Of course I didnt watched it with Erwin (himala pag nayaya ko yun), watched it with Mau and Bella's yaya, hehe.

Oh, and today. I made a very wise decision. I didnt go to class again BUT the professor didnt checked the attendance. Hehe. Instead, I watched "The Practice" Season 8, I had to finish it! Super ganda.

Its past 10:30pm, kaya pala inaantok nako. Goodnight..