Monday, August 4, 2008

What weekend?

Saturday and Sunday just went by breeze. Grabe, I didnt feel a thing. Usually, on a saturday, me and erwin will go to trinoma, basketball or tekken at timezone, movie and eat. Pero the last weekend? Jan, Quince and I studied at Starbucks Leviste for hours! Tapos we had our midterm exam on political law nung sunday for 2-5pm and get this, I didnt finish the test! It was super damn long, I need like 5 hours to finish the test. Bumagal pako coz im trying to look pa if my grammar was correct coz Suarez is so particular dun. Kainis! So I went home after the test with a heavy heart, I think i'll pass pero not that good. After which, Erwin is so happy to see me (coz he's stuck over the weekends) so we went sa mall and played basketball (I have this achingly funny thing in my shoulder which really hurts). Haayyy.. Buti na lang I saw my baby Sabella last Friday, she's so kulit and amazingly pretty!

Finally, inspite of being pressured last Saturday on my Poli Exam, I get to watch pa "Very Special Love" at Glorietta. Super Kilig and super gwapo ni John Lloyd!!! Twas' worth it! Of course I didnt watched it with Erwin (himala pag nayaya ko yun), watched it with Mau and Bella's yaya, hehe.

Oh, and today. I made a very wise decision. I didnt go to class again BUT the professor didnt checked the attendance. Hehe. Instead, I watched "The Practice" Season 8, I had to finish it! Super ganda.

Its past 10:30pm, kaya pala inaantok nako. Goodnight..

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ayn-gracie said...

hey girl, buti na lang di na ako nag-aaral... napapagod akong basahin ang mga "studies" entries mo, promise.