Sunday, November 16, 2008

career high

Its our 3 years and 1 month anniversary today. =) Erwin already planned our whole night out but then we find ourselves super lazy to further go out and walk.. =( He planned dinner at Serendra then listen to Rihanna/Chris Brown concert.. Listen lang ha, hehe. Its too expensive, super unconscionable!!! But anyway, aside from that I had my little or lets say minor therapy yesterday at home. Basta, pag may effect na, I will blog about it! =) Hhmm, I was searching yesterday for Bikram Yoga, I wanna try it, if you do know someone who's offering it na cheap lang for session ha. Please let me know =)

I have to lose weight as in!!!

But definitely, me and Erwin is in super jolly mood now, happy, cant stop smiling, we are excited about christmas shopping (ooh, I super love the D&G shades I saw in SM, its 8k worth).. And Sabella is coming home tomorrow!!! Cant wait!

We thank thee for the blessing we received this week and hopefully more blessings to come!

Have to go, Im at starbucks taft. Digesting Cases. Boo! Its a freakin Sunday!

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