Friday, June 26, 2009


Yes, i think im beginning to get addicted with it...

Im so bored now, Ill study for 4 hours today then ill do yoga and RPM then get a massage =)

Happy Birthday Justine!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


.. I already attained my 8 hour study via stopwatch =)

.. I graduated yesterday =P

.. I can finally say that I will take the bar this september.

Please friends, pray for me.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I still effin..

.. have that sad face on my review schedule. =( Im so busy with clearance, graduation and hoarding my materials. Haaayy, this soon will be over and I will have that smiley face on my calendar. Pray for me please.

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Karren Stephens!!! =) Mwah!!!

Advance Happy Birthday to my T-Friend!!! Mwah mwah Mwah!!! =P

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sad face =(

For two weeks in a row, Ive been writing sad face on my review schedule. And today, another sad face again.. Haaayyy.. Swear, tomorrow will be a happy face. I need to cram that 8 hours of study! This stupid headache must go away!!

BUT I had fun at Tagaytay for breakfast and lunch at Seaside. Happy. Happy! =)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baguio in May

Went to Manaoag Church last month the off to Baguio for a night. =) Stayed at Bloomfields Hotel.

After settling down at the Hotel, went at Burnham Park the ate lunch at Chocolate De Batirol. =)

Went to session road for some Ukay Ukay, got some super nice Jackets.. It was a very fun and cute weekend =)

Baguio is LOVE for us. =P


Our grades are out and my friends and I are one of those people who is soooo blessed and lucky (or just really good at lawschool LOL) that we are graduating on June 20. =) Haaayyy... I am so happy when I got the news that I cried. The sleepless nights of thinking whether we'll take the bar or spending 5 hours studying is over. And so now, since we are taking the bar this September, got to rush up with 9 hours a day of reading and memorizing.. =P I just had 5 hours kanina of reading and I feel like vomiting na. I finished Mercantile, Civil and almost done on Remedial.. I still have 5 subjects to go!!! I just want to believe in myself that I'd be able to finish everything by September or aim for a 2nd reading (?) No more dvd marathon, no more series marathon.. But I NEED gym and movies if im so bored out..
Tip: If your in lawschool, mag ipon ka na ng GOOD KARMA so in the end or near graduation, you have something to rely on and to ponder. Hehe.

Papa is arriving na on tuesday. Yahoo!

Please pray for me. =)

To my friends, finally, we have na our LLB.

Like its Hard. =P