Friday, October 17, 2008

one thousand ninety five days

Erwin and I met in first year law school, nope he's not my classmate. He belongs to one of those intelligent section at school. Got to know him when they merged us up to their section coz we have the same professor, I vividly remember when I was about to finish my last sentence at our quiz, he came in late, walk just right in front of me in a hurry and accidentally tore my yellow paper into two, not just that, my yellow paper has markings on it. I stared at him when he seated at the professors table (no more vacant seats at that time), super stared at him to let him know that I am raging mad, but I dont think he gets it, he just stared at me point black and maliciously thought that Im so into him. Anyway, so he thought i have a crush on him coz I was staring so he got my number from a friend and there, after a year of courtship, I said yes =). But little did I know na kaya naman pala he's taking his sweet time in courting me for a year, he has girls on the side, yes, not just a girl, girlSSSS. But anyway, nature ko kasi na when I met someone for the first time and got this impression for the first time, kahit pa magbago yung tao, ganun pa rin yung impression ko the first time I met him. So for me, Erwin is such a good boy =). Kahit ata may magsabi sakin ngayun na Erwin is playing around, I wont believe them. And Erwin knows that, kaya natutuwa sya and feeling nya talga mabait sya. =) But honestly, in our 3 years and 2 years of living with each other, never had a huge fight over something. Petty fights, yes, but major fights over girls or something, wala pa naman. We had our rough times but we got over it, he was there all the time. It made us much more closer to each other and it made him feel na wala na syang choice kundi kami na talaga, hahaha. =) The 3 years we had is a rollercoaster ride, no extremes, parang yung rollercoaster ride sa Enchanted na maikli. Ganun lang, not the space shuttle ha, super extreme na yun. But nevertheless, I feel lucky and blessed that I have him in my life, na I met him after he had his sweet time over girls (sakit sa ulo). Honey, we have so much to discover about another and more bumps ahead of us but I know we will make the most of what we have. I love you so much mahal and Happy Anniversary!!! =)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniv Mischel! Yey! We're happy! Muah.