Monday, July 28, 2008

Thanks SONA!

Because of SONA, Fiscal Salva decided not to have classes today but usually Law School still conduct classes. Haayy, back in AC no class pag SONA eh. But im super grateful coz I get to rest today. Its been a week since I have these colds and now cough naman.. Im taking all the meds now so come midterms, these are all gone. I cant talaga study pag im sick, OA kasi ko pag may sakit. Psychological na. =)It came worst when I drank a couple of beers last saturday night at the acquaintance. Hindi pa naman ako umuwi sa Tanay so I could do all my backlogs yesterday, pero I slept the whole day din yesterday. And in the afternoon, I had La Pinay ng Cafe Breton at Trinoma (super yummy talaga!), haaayyy buti na lang din im sick so pinagbibigyan ako ni Erwin. Its my chance today to re-live my goals, hehe.

Congrats Bernice, Rayshel, Will and to the rest of the team for the success of acquaintance!

Please listen to the SONA later. Main thrust is the National Social Welfare Program. Tamano said in the news that it would be better for the Filipino people to just ignore today's event. Some or at least 5 of them will boycott GMA's speech.

You may not like her, but at least listen to her.

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