Monday, September 8, 2008

Bar Operations and some tid bits

Its September, the most awaited time of the year where law students take the next step in order to get the most awaited ATTY in their name. =) So to gain my good karma, mega-help ako this bar ops, hehe. As if! Kasama naman talaga ko sa committee hehe. Anyway, last week was okay naman. I wasnt called sa Rem, Civ and Crim except Labor (pero buti nalang madali lang yung case). Last friday, we were about to surprise Ava coz its her birthday but since 9:30 pa dismiss namin, we had to follow sa party nya and I think she got surprised naman.

Then, went home agad coz hindi ko sinabi kay Erwin na dumaan ako dun. Leonard and Johms were with me. Then I missed practice court (with intent toh), tapos me and hon went to trinoma para mag tekken na naman sya. Oh! I forgot to post these two little cuties that I got dun sa dream catcher ba yun? As in when I saw it sabi ko kay Erwin I know I can get those two! Super I mastered na yung technique kung pano sya makuha, and then VOILA!!! I got two in one swipe! Galing ko noh? Erwin was amazed hehe! Tapos he tried, hindi sya nakakuha! And the other pic is hon's newest addiction, ang mag-TEKKEN on which he will be so frustrated pag natatalo sya! (sino ba naman kasing gumagamit kay Feng Wei dba???)

I missed Crim today, sana hindi magcheck ng attendance ulit para wala pa din akong absent =( Super tinatamad talaga ko and hon also.. I have to sleep early tonight. But before anything else, i'll digest cases first. Goodnight everyone!

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