Friday, November 28, 2008


Haayy.. After 4 days of being called in the recitation, I finally have the time to blog. So me and erwin went to Bohol for a couple of days, it was my first time but not his. We stayed at Bohol Divers Club in Panglao Island, they have two pools and a nice beach front but I didnt get to swim at the beach (does snorkeling counts?). So anyway, at our first day, erwin had to work first but after 30 minutes or so we are off to tour around. The best part in this trip is that it's an all-expense paid trip due to erwin's job. I hate tarsier, they're creepy. They are not the cutest thing in the world! I had to see it of course but I never dared to touch it. After which, we had lunch at Loboc River Cruise, fun yeah. Then off to chocolate hills, it was so nice, I mean after wondering what it really looks in actual thing, it was so beautiful, my gradeschool teacher didnt do justice in describing it! Except it was uber hot and sunny when we get there. Then we hit our resort, ate dinner at Alona Resort nearby, it was a tiring day but I had fun! 2ND DAY- Had breakfast in the resort then the van picked us up, had lunch at the tagbilaran highschool when erwin and his officemates really got a warm welcome =). After lunch, we went kayaking!!!! It was the highlight of my trip! I so love it minus the paddling, kawawa nga si erwin coz he paddles for an hour, ako ata I get to paddle lang for 5 minutes. Haaayy, Kayaking in Bohol is a must!!! The vice mayor told us that it wasnt promoted pa, theyre just starting to promote it pa so people would be aware of it. So there you go, please, KAYAK!!! =) The weather was gloomy and humid but it was fine, we get to pass this ala-anaconda type of forest that you'd wonder na any minute there would be a croc or snake that would pop.. There is also a spring bath which is awesome!!! After which, we cruised again on the night then watch the Brass Band of Bohol (its famous there). They really are good, ala0international sila when they perform. Ay, i forgot, we went pala sa mall before hitting Kayak, we bought Bohol shorts which is really cheap, I bought peanut kisses for my friends and I bought danggit for mama and papa! =) Again, it was a tiring day but I had fuuuun!!! So, on our last day (our flight leaves at 5:15 pm eh so we basically have the entire day pa. SNORKELING in Balicasag Island!!! Boracay is no match for Bohol's corals. They are amazing, I saw Nemo!!! Basta, super amazing, cant describe it. Got there by an hour in boat then 1 minute boat na pa-sagwan coz they dont allow motor boat near the corals.

See, I had fun eventhough it means I had to miss classes. =)

Thanks Honey! According to him, it's our post 3rd year! =)

Gnyt everyone!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

See, I had super fun! =)

I will blog.. but not now

I am so busy with:
--> Alumni Homecoming on December 12
--> Catching up on my backlogs for 3 subjects
--> Some errands for papa
--> and busy with my baby.. Yes, my baby Sabella is back! She's the cutest =)

I will definitely blog about papa's birthday and my Bohol trip last Nov 20-22 =) I had a blast =)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

career high

Its our 3 years and 1 month anniversary today. =) Erwin already planned our whole night out but then we find ourselves super lazy to further go out and walk.. =( He planned dinner at Serendra then listen to Rihanna/Chris Brown concert.. Listen lang ha, hehe. Its too expensive, super unconscionable!!! But anyway, aside from that I had my little or lets say minor therapy yesterday at home. Basta, pag may effect na, I will blog about it! =) Hhmm, I was searching yesterday for Bikram Yoga, I wanna try it, if you do know someone who's offering it na cheap lang for session ha. Please let me know =)

I have to lose weight as in!!!

But definitely, me and Erwin is in super jolly mood now, happy, cant stop smiling, we are excited about christmas shopping (ooh, I super love the D&G shades I saw in SM, its 8k worth).. And Sabella is coming home tomorrow!!! Cant wait!

We thank thee for the blessing we received this week and hopefully more blessings to come!

Have to go, Im at starbucks taft. Digesting Cases. Boo! Its a freakin Sunday!

Friday, November 7, 2008

My thursday date =)

After I got the big news that I passed all my subjects this 1st sem (big deal for me coz half of my class did not make it), pero unfair naman talaga yung ibang professors. =( But anyway, I was so happy!!! Then went to erwin's school for his enrollment which is super tagal mag enroll but good thing he still got in for those CLOSED subjects. And then we went on with our date, watched Quantum of Solace at Trinoma, had nachos and drinks. And then this.. I am so into Burger King right now, Yes, I know I just discovered that their whopper is superb!!! =)

Monday, November 3, 2008


My honey's back! =) He got me another Long Champ bag, this time its blue, aawayin ko sana sya when I saw him (coz he did it again, not in any way related to girls ha, petty lang) but he knew already what will calm me down, so when he handed me the bag parang as if nothing happened, hehe. I so love it. Anyway, Im not enrolled yet, thurs is the start of the class so thurs na rin ako mag eenroll, its my last semester hopefully so please pray for me that i'd be able to pull this semester and get over with being a student. I swear, lahat na ng friends ko are successful! Speaking of friends, ill be meeting the gurls this saturday at Justine's house. Patsy, u better be there!!! And bring those wine of yours, ill bring daw roast chicken and cakes eh. Im excited! =) Yung mga to-do's ko this sem break, walang nangyari kahit isa so instead of studying this sem, isasabay ko pa yung mga pending to-do's ko. Alumni homecoming is one of them! Haaayyyy.. Naiinis ako sa sarili ko. Nagpakabum lang tlga ko!!!

Enough of this, picture below? Hulaan nyo na lang kung asang lupalop ako nyan. Hehe. =)