Saturday, December 27, 2008

Over the Holidays

As of this moment, holidays here at my province is great. =) Before going home, I had my Christmas Dinner/Party with my Assumption Girls and Law School friends =)

On Christmas Eve, spent it with my relatives as usual and my little cousins and we basically danced the whole night (the reason my whole body is aching the net day, yeah I'm old na). My Christmas Day was A-okay, I was practically home the whole day watching Papa give money to people (some of them I don't know)... Then Erwin was there on the afternoon, we planned to go at the resto and drink a few but it was raining so we went there na lang for a couple of munites then he had to leave na to go back to manila.

December 26- we went to Enchanted Kingdom!!! =) It was fun sana minus the super haba na pila and super jologs na ride ng Enchanted, I think lahat sira when we are almost near na, sino bang hindi maaasar nun??? But Erwin had fun, they played paintball over guys na nakalaban nila dun, my little cousins are so cute. =) Hindi sila lumabas sa pinagtataguan nila so they're opponents ran out of bullets so they won, hehehe. =) So in short, I had one ride for the day, Space Shuttle =)

Oh, I got cute gifts as well.. I got a keychain from Cleng with my name on it (super ganda!). Erwin put it on our house keys. I got also a Ralph jacket from her and a white jacket too from Patsy my love =). Two wooden stool from Justine and a wine from Gec. From Honey, we bought ourselves an HP Computer Desktop =)

Haayyy.. I cant wait till Feb for our Boracay.. See you when I see you.