Monday, August 25, 2008

Midterms are over!

Haayy, finally. After two weeks of cramming, lack of sleep (joke lang, 11pm pa lang tulog na tulog nako), reading an entire book at kung ano-ano pang books, staying at Starbucks for the whole day na super nagpapalpitate nako sa Capuccino, at last its over. May finals pa but I have to worry about it on October pa. I was kinda worry about the results coz I swear, its super hard, I think I wasnt able to finish mga 4 subjects and sang banda naman ako papasa dun dba?! But I got na my booklet sa Remedial and Labor, I substantially passed sa Rem and got 84 sa Labor (though may naka-100, Congrats Ria!). And now I realize that I really have to study hard, as in double with what Im doing now so less blogging at internet. Hehe. So anyway, this is what Blue Black means...

Thats me and hon in Josephine's having Palabok and Dinuguan, super yummy! Anyway, Ganito kasi yon okay, I tried to have this ridiculous hair of mine dyed once again. So last week I went sa Fix in Katipunan, asked Sonny if he could do something about it but he said that if he tries to dye it the new color wont be able to take effect kasi nga blue black color daw is super strong, what the heck dba, I asked another stylist but same answer to my dilemma. So to cut the story short, I STILL cant do anything about it UNTIL it turns long again or have the color fade pa siguro which will take about 3 months!!! Kairita! So I had it cut na lang, trim rather coz yoko na nga short hair. I miss my long hair!!!

Anyway, my family and my relatives went to Tagaytay over the weekend. Super fun kasi with my little cousins and Sabella and its a little celebration coz its Mama's Birthday. Went to Cafe Lupe for a few drinks with mau, rap, bilog and erwin. =) Yun lang, have to study now.

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