Wednesday, June 18, 2008

i miss my girlfriends

I miss my AC girls..
Kanina kasi Justine caught me sa YM so we were chatting for an hour about nonsense stuff, from college days till buhay2x ng mga tao ngayun. =) Way back in college we have our own things and we are so different pa. I mean Patsy is like the super clumsy na tao!!! As in! One moment her white top is clean then the next second, she has ketchup all over and one minute ur talking to her tapos you'll see her na nadapa or natapilok. And she's like eli (law school), she's like the bestfriend of the entire AC community!!! Which I hate coz I cant be that friendly! I miss you fatuts! Then Gec, Geckie is like hhmmm.. wait hindi ko ma-describe, parang mommy when she talks pero ultimate mang-pintas (thats why I love her), and super humirit na talagang you'll laugh! And the green talks! I love her coz of the dirty stuff, promise! And then there's Justine, career-minded person, if she dont like you she'll totally not like you for the rest of her life, as in literal! But i love her coz she's not plastic (sa iba, OO). She's matapobre in a nice way (may ganun ba?). Basta, she is. Oh, I miss Karren! We go along since first year but she had to leave, I miss her uncontrollable laughter na pag ikaw ang tinawanan nya, maiinis ka talga!!! Pero once na nagtaray sya, she really is serious about it! And I love the way she dance! Cleng, she's having her own family now and im happy for her. Haaayyy.. I miss our Fridays pag lunch, our Maxs for breakfast, our Yakisoba for merienda, yosi (college ha?) sa starbucks, Silvanas sa isang street sa may San Lo, Streetlife when it was still open for lunch din (and sino nga pala yung friend natin na hindi kumakain sa Food Choices?) and I miss carpooling with Pre, with our own little adventures dba pre? Hehe! Grabe, now I realize na mas may pera ata ako nung college, ngayun KFC and Bento Box na lang! =)

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