Saturday, December 26, 2009

Just Another Day!

I am not a fan of Christmas, Yes its true, but just like the others I look forward on the thought that Id get to spend the day with my family, Christmas Party at the restaurant, see my crazy little cousins haggle through their ninongs and ninangs and fought their way up to reach their so-called quota. =P Me and my sister likes the Town Fiesta more than Christmas and Im much more excited for my birthday as well. Probably because im too old to enjoy the "mamasko" and instead ako yung "nagpapapasko". =) I know for a fact that it's HIS day, and yes I celebrate it in my heart, I mean everyday Im thankful for all the blessings we have received, for Erwin, for my relatives, for Erwins family and good health of my loved ones.. And yes, I do pray for my enemies too =).

But this 2009 Christmas is the most memorable to me (for now).. Last December 14, Mama has been confined here at the National Kidney and Transplant Institute. She complained about having stomach pains, she's been having that a lot and to ease the pain she'll contact the local nurse and have her injected Novane (Oh, yes ganyan ka addict Mama ko or better yet ganyan katigas ulos nya!). On NKTI, she was referred to Dr. Domingo, a gastro doctor, she was subjected to MRI lang.. and there it was, two stones on the way to pancreas and gall bladder. Papa insisted on having an operation and removing Mama's gallbladder, BUT Dr. Domingo insisted na wag na daw because the gall bladder was clear (or so he thought!).. So Mama had an ERPC (its a thing where you put a tube on the mouth and you get the stones). Sabi nila it was a success (kaya I headed to Boracay hehe) But on the third day, Mama was becoming weak and had difficulty breathing. Ayun na, from CT Scan, it was the GALL BLADDER thats producing the stones!!! Hay Naku, Papa had a fist! Galit na galit sya kay Dr. Domingo. And then the complications was there na, Mama had a weak heart so 80% chance to survive na the operation! 80% CHANCE!!! For a doctor to give a number, it is serious!

When they started the operation removing her gall bladder, I start texting my closest friends and relatives lang and ask for their prayers.. I didnt post a shout out on Facebook, Twitter, Multiply or even here! I did not announce it to the whole world.. Eh kasi naman some of my FB friends are not that close to me =).. I asked my friends for prayers.. And totoo pala what they say na when you're at your lowest point you'll realize who will help you the most.. You see, Mama is the strongest among us, the strongest among their family I think. Pag may problema she'll just shrug it off and move on! She can nag you for hours that you'll wish the floor will just eat you alive so when she blurted out na hirap na hirap na sya, it means she's giving up. I cried every day since the operation, I cried sa comfort room ng room ni Mama, I cried kahit na Im driving, I cried while talking to Jona while asa Philhealth ako, I cried while praying the rosary, I cried at night while Erwin comfort me, I cried while talking to Tita Dada.. But none of my family cried in front of Mama. After the success of the operation and her recovery period, I never haggled so much in praying...

To my relatives who prayed for Mama and visited her here in the hospital, Tita Baby, Tita Myla, Tita Sallie, Tita Fely, Tito Jun, Tito Michael, Tito Allan, Tita Noli, Tita Dada. Thank you for being there especially during the operation, it was a comfort seeing all of you na nanjan kay Mama.
Tita Emy and Tita Tita Rose- Mama's prayer warriors. Thank you for constantly calling and updating yourself with whats happening to Mama. I know grabe yung prayers nyo.. Super thank you talaga. Kina Tita Tess, Tita Annabelle din for visiting mama.
Leonard, Jun, Auds, Ayet, Jay S, Jay B, Allen, Quince, Jona, Mike, Ava and Paul- Thank you for your prayers! Super thanks talaga =) Esp kay Allen for the updates! =) Kay Quince na sorry I didnt answer your call kasi bka umiyak lang ako hehe. May mga iba pakong tinext pero hindi na nagreply haha! Baka walang load or iba na number nila =)
Fatuts- Thanks sa prayers!
Ayn and Beth- Thanks T Friends!!! =) Thank you sa prayers! Sorry pag hindi ako nakakareply, its either tulog ako or mejo lutang =)
Sa mga friends ni Mama na always nagtetext, super dami nila so hindi ko na imemention =)
Erwin and Family- Thank you babe for keeping up with me every day and our prayers every night before we sleep =) And kina Ate La and Kuya, for the company which never failed to make me laugh and "starve" is not in our vocabulary =)

Last but not the least, to HIM! To thee we give thanks! =)