Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I think I got that grade in Criminal Review class kanina. Kasi naman, super bokya naman ako on my first recit so I had to redeem myself! Im tired already.. Still have to study for Remedial, Crim and especially for Political Law.. Hmm, be staying at Starbucks Harbour Square tom to study for the whole day. See yah!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Thanks SONA!

Because of SONA, Fiscal Salva decided not to have classes today but usually Law School still conduct classes. Haayy, back in AC no class pag SONA eh. But im super grateful coz I get to rest today. Its been a week since I have these colds and now cough naman.. Im taking all the meds now so come midterms, these are all gone. I cant talaga study pag im sick, OA kasi ko pag may sakit. Psychological na. =)It came worst when I drank a couple of beers last saturday night at the acquaintance. Hindi pa naman ako umuwi sa Tanay so I could do all my backlogs yesterday, pero I slept the whole day din yesterday. And in the afternoon, I had La Pinay ng Cafe Breton at Trinoma (super yummy talaga!), haaayyy buti na lang din im sick so pinagbibigyan ako ni Erwin. Its my chance today to re-live my goals, hehe.

Congrats Bernice, Rayshel, Will and to the rest of the team for the success of acquaintance!

Please listen to the SONA later. Main thrust is the National Social Welfare Program. Tamano said in the news that it would be better for the Filipino people to just ignore today's event. Some or at least 5 of them will boycott GMA's speech.

You may not like her, but at least listen to her.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Its been a long time..

.. since I bought a new pair of sandals.

Nakakafrustrate but then I have to save up (dont ask for where, I dont even know what im depriving myself from).

.. since I had my hair cut, hmmm a month ago pa ata with Jan in Serendra.
.. since I had a foot spa, manicure and pedicure. I soooo want this!
.. wax.

Soon, i'll overcome this.

Anyway, yesterday me, jan and quince instead of studying Crim and Civ, nagchismisan kami. Well, hindi naman tsismis coz almost all of it are the truth. Hehe. We even go as far as stalking. Sabi ko I stalked whenever I feel like stalking more of being skeptical naman. Pero if I dont wanna know something or it would hurt me, I dont stick my nose into it. I know things that would really break someone's heart.. (not me and erwin ha) Hhmm.. I was asked nga, I think it was Jan or someone else na isumbong ko daw sa mga wives nila! Yoko nga, then it came to my mind na it really does takes two to tango..

I am such a good girl. =) I'm Erwin's girl. =)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I didnt miss a class this week...

..pero nabokya ako sa Crim Rev, nanginginig ako sa Rem for 3 hours, nag-cram ako sa Poli, and natawag ako sa Civ pero I saw my grade, me and Quince got 80! =) That made my week except sa putek na Crim! Mag-aaral na talaga ko promise...

Im craving for La Pinay ng Cafe Breton and may utang pa sakin si honey ng dinner sa Bar 42 for our monthsary (yes, we celebrate) Hehe. Im so looking forward to see Sabella when I get home this weekend.

Goodnight, im effing tired.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend? Great! =)

My weekend was A-okay. =) After saturday night dinner with my girls. The next day, me and honey went to Trinoma to watch a movie but first, before anything else we had to stop at timezone for like an hour and play Tekken. =) Honey just cant give up Feng! I told hima thousand times na hindi talaga nananalo si Feng! I mean wala ngang gumugamit ng character ni Feng dbaaaa??? Haaayyy.. He has this sense of loyalty kay Feng! Me? Im an avid Christie Montero fan talaga. Anyway, so we watched MAMA MIA, it was okay actually, musical but it was funny and a feel good movie.

It was rainy so hon really had to wear his porma jacket (picture inset) Wehehehe!

My super diverse friends

Its been a while since I last saw them, uhmmm medyo mga two months ago pa I think especially Justine since she's been away in Singapore but now she's back for good. =) And for her birthday threat, we ate at Cafe Bola Greenbelt since Cyma was closed. Then had Zombie at Masas. Take a loooooottt of pictures but had to leave at around 12ish coz Patsy has an early flight. Aawww.. but till our next dinner and our girls Spa. =)

Mwah! Mwah! I missed you girls!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sino ba talaga nagpaiyak???

For a week I cant stop thinking about this.. Or lets put it this way, Im trying to remember what happen.. As in yung talagang nangyari..

My AC classmates, do you still remember na umiyak si AJ Torrente nung 4th year? And If Yes, Sino nagpaiyak?

For no reason at all, naisip ko lang bigla. (Officemate kasi ngayun ni Justine sya, hehe) Wink! Wink!

Hancock over Criminal Law

Yes.. I missed a class today not only na I feel so tamad every monday but because iiwanan ako ni honey umuwi! Though, Hancock is super nice! As in! I todo love Will Smith! Pero, I was eager to go home coz I promised myself na magda-digest ako but we were caught in traffic so we decided nga to hang out sa mall... (drum rolling) SM MANILA!!! Hehe.

Pero may hangover pako knowing na "Confessions of a Shopaholic" is filming =)

Haaaayyy.. I wonder kung natawag ako sa Crim.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

This made my week...

I kinda dont feel good about my week.. For one, I missed my Remedial Class, pano naman hindi talga ko nakaaral as in. So instead I studied my Labor then all of a sudden there's an announcement na wala daw recit so all of us stopped studying, it turned out na it wasn't true, badtrip noh?!! Superb! Moral Lesson: Wag kang nagpapaniwala sa ganon MISCH!!! Secondly, I havent started pa digesting my cases and I have super daming backlogs! I finally realized na dapat my entire weekend will entirely be devoted to my mishaps eh these past few weekends umuuwi ako Tanay coz Mama is in Europe, but now she's back! =)

But these made my week...
Are you thinking what I'm thinking????? YES!!! A movie of the "Confessions of a Shopaholic" by Sophie Kinsella!!! I totally love the book and bought the entire collection in one buying. Isla Fisher will be Rebecca Bloomwood! Oh my, I wonder who's Luke Brandon... Haaayyy... I cant wait for 2009.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

yes, im whining..

1. My Remedial and Labor recit was really bad.. Im reciting nonsense just to fill the "uhmm" moment
2. My throat hurts, I think i'll be sick
3. Im short in cash when its just the middle of the week. Its okay, the Mango shorts really look good on me =)
4. Arguments make me sick thats why I have a lot of patience
5. Gas is really getting higher, may kotse nga hindi ko naman magamit kaya MRT to the max ako
6. My backlogs are piling up and I dont have a dull time in my sched!!!
7. I cant buy a new pair of sandals or else kakalbuhin nako ni Erwin!
8. I lack sleep
9. I need a damn good massage and a foot spa

Thanks Ava for giving me a lift =) Very gossipy ang ating trip to the north. =)


What keeps me going right now is when Mama comes back home from her European Tour. My D&G bag, my Esprit and kung ano ano pa, hehe. And my new clothes..

Goodnight everyone!