Sunday, May 17, 2009

since my printer is not cooperating...

I may as well blog. =)

Mama, Papa, Meka and Bella left today for California to prepare for my brothers garden wedding in San Leandro. Yeah, Ill miss it coz of review but I know they'll both have the time of their life during that day. =)

I just realized na super hirap pala na to be stuck in studying and not doing your chores.. As in.. Coz everytime I'll have a day off for chores, super my foot is aching kaka-clutch!! I hate manual!!! Just today, went to Manila from Tanay, then Sta. Cruz to dropp off Nao and Daney, got my Lola's clothes, bring it to Katips and now home.. It doesnt sound so tiring, but it does coz in the middle of my driving I just had to stop at Gilmore to but my cable printer and to stop at Rex Bookstore to grab some few books which cost me an unconscionable 4thou. Kainis!!! And now, my silly printer is not working!

Erwin's out for dinner with his college friends so im home alone. He said he'll be back after a couple of hour coz he doesnt feel good, buti na lang im taking vitamis or else ill be sick too. (Shet, im talking nonsense na). Anyway, what im looking forward this month is Merc? Nyeh! I just hope I could read all my backlogs.. Focus and just read read read. =)

Oh, Angels and Demons is really really nice. =)

Congrats to Ayn and Fher! =)