Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Its been a long time..

.. since I bought a new pair of sandals.

Nakakafrustrate but then I have to save up (dont ask for where, I dont even know what im depriving myself from).

.. since I had my hair cut, hmmm a month ago pa ata with Jan in Serendra.
.. since I had a foot spa, manicure and pedicure. I soooo want this!
.. wax.

Soon, i'll overcome this.

Anyway, yesterday me, jan and quince instead of studying Crim and Civ, nagchismisan kami. Well, hindi naman tsismis coz almost all of it are the truth. Hehe. We even go as far as stalking. Sabi ko I stalked whenever I feel like stalking more of being skeptical naman. Pero if I dont wanna know something or it would hurt me, I dont stick my nose into it. I know things that would really break someone's heart.. (not me and erwin ha) Hhmm.. I was asked nga, I think it was Jan or someone else na isumbong ko daw sa mga wives nila! Yoko nga, then it came to my mind na it really does takes two to tango..

I am such a good girl. =) I'm Erwin's girl. =)

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ayn-gracie said...

i hope you're not talking about me and fher hehe, medyo wala naman connect kina jan dba.. haha.