Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Saturday =)

I got up at 7am. Early noh? Super kulang na talga ko sa sleep. Then went to Makati coz its our Legal Aid at Brgy, Guadalupe Nuevo! Haayyy, buti na lang konti lang nag pa-assist, kakatamad that day. When it was our turn naubusan na hehe. Super dami naman kasi namin dun na law student so kahit isang barangay magpunta, todo assist sila. We stayed there till lunch, had Jollibee for lunch tapos may take out pa =). Then after that went home, I was uber tired at that time tapos last saturday pa was so super init, as in!!!

When I got home, honey was playing Eraserheads songs!!! I mean im familiar naman with their song but not an absolute fan. In short, Erwin was able to drag me to watch the concert. It was for free and I didnt expect na I'll have fun! =) It was super fun as in, parang old school swear!!! Kahit na im not a fan you'll know that they really had their time when they were famous kasi ako nga I can make sabay sa mga kanta nila kahit hindi ako fanatic nila. Grabe si erwin, super memorize songs nila. But then we had fun kahit na they have to cut it short coz Eli had to be rush sa hospital coz of emotional and physical stress =( (pray for him pls). Aside from that, we didnt have a decent dinner kasi nga late na kami so McDo na lang na super haba ang line. It was a fun and sweet day =) Malapit na kami mag 3 years!!!! =) Im looking where we can spend it. Any suggestions guys???

I'm super tired na at this time.

Fatuts, jacket ko =) Napapanaginipan ko na kasi. Wehehehe. Maganda ba For the First Time? Or A very Special Love pa din??

Super nice pala ang Big Stan =) And Caregiver (watched it sa DVD kanina) =)

Goodnight people! =) Mwah!

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