Monday, November 3, 2008


My honey's back! =) He got me another Long Champ bag, this time its blue, aawayin ko sana sya when I saw him (coz he did it again, not in any way related to girls ha, petty lang) but he knew already what will calm me down, so when he handed me the bag parang as if nothing happened, hehe. I so love it. Anyway, Im not enrolled yet, thurs is the start of the class so thurs na rin ako mag eenroll, its my last semester hopefully so please pray for me that i'd be able to pull this semester and get over with being a student. I swear, lahat na ng friends ko are successful! Speaking of friends, ill be meeting the gurls this saturday at Justine's house. Patsy, u better be there!!! And bring those wine of yours, ill bring daw roast chicken and cakes eh. Im excited! =) Yung mga to-do's ko this sem break, walang nangyari kahit isa so instead of studying this sem, isasabay ko pa yung mga pending to-do's ko. Alumni homecoming is one of them! Haaayyyy.. Naiinis ako sa sarili ko. Nagpakabum lang tlga ko!!!

Enough of this, picture below? Hulaan nyo na lang kung asang lupalop ako nyan. Hehe. =)

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