Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Im excited!

Excited about..
1. Study at Harbour Starbucks tom with Jan and Quince coz wala kaming Political Law class. (I always study at this Starbucks, its the one near CCP)
2. Baclaran since First Wednesday. Natutuwa ako coz I havent missed a single first wednesday pa. Sama lang naman ang winiwish ko..
3. Divisoria to buy tela. =) I think I can copy yung shorts na I bought sa Mango and a formal top from Zara.
4. 168 Mall to buy overrun na tops for everyday or ngarag days. =)and panties, hehe.

Haaayyy.. Divisoria is one of my comfort zone. (aside from Supermarket and National Bookstore)

I just picked this line up from my classmates' blog.. "I Love You IN REM". IN REM means enforceable against the whole world.. Corny noh? Its a latin word we often use in law school. Told Erwin this line, he finds it sweet, hehe, hindi nya alam I just picked it up.

I have to sleep early, have to wake up at 7ish. Night. =)

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