Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Christmas and I'm busy again!!!

Come December and January, lawyers or let's say law firm are the not-so-busy people. It's because on these two months, Judges will take their leave of absence because of the season so the Clerks won't schedule your hearings on the month, so come January, it's the inventory of cases season =) So in short, all my hearings are piling up on february!!! But anyway, I used to say before that Christmas is not my favorite thing, probably because I'm too busy with law school so I don't feel the rush! But this time, even though I'm busy I get to shop and buy gifts for my friends and my inaanaks =).. I think aside from that, I have money to spend on stuff so yesterday I got crazy over make up sales (but I dont get to wear them!)

But anyway, please pardon me if in my next blog I will post my Christmas stuff I bought! Im just too proud of it hehe =)

Happy Holidays everyone!