Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Christmas and I'm busy again!!!

Come December and January, lawyers or let's say law firm are the not-so-busy people. It's because on these two months, Judges will take their leave of absence because of the season so the Clerks won't schedule your hearings on the month, so come January, it's the inventory of cases season =) So in short, all my hearings are piling up on february!!! But anyway, I used to say before that Christmas is not my favorite thing, probably because I'm too busy with law school so I don't feel the rush! But this time, even though I'm busy I get to shop and buy gifts for my friends and my inaanaks =).. I think aside from that, I have money to spend on stuff so yesterday I got crazy over make up sales (but I dont get to wear them!)

But anyway, please pardon me if in my next blog I will post my Christmas stuff I bought! Im just too proud of it hehe =)

Happy Holidays everyone!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


After invading Samar I think I gained a pound or more... When we arrived lunch time, my Lola served us 3 kilos of Crabs and oh yeah we finished everything off!!! Erwin and Baptiste were awed upon seeing my grandparents' 3rd floor...

Literally facing the Pacific Ocean, this is heaven
especially during sunset =)

The entire time we were eating crabs, I forgot to take pictures, I was so hungry to mind taking pictures. On the first day I thought Erwin was done eating crabs, but the next day he got up so early and asked me if we could go to the market! We bought 2 kilos of crabs and ate it for breakfast and so the next day =)

On the day we got to Samar, October 16, it was our 5th Anniversary. Even though we didn't celebrate it the way we should, I had so much fun being with babe! We agreed that we will have it post celebrated at BAGUIO! Its our favorite place =) Why Baguio? The day after I said YES to E, he went all the way up to Baguio to see me so technically Baguio was our first date. Oh, cheesy mode: it was there we agreed our term of endearment LOL. Sorry naman, love mode.

Till my next ramblings!!! =)

Friday, October 15, 2010

SAMAR.. Here we come!

Me, Erwin, Carina, Baptiste (Carz Bf) and Joaqui will be leaving for Samar tomorrow morning for two nights and 3 days. The original plan is Erwin's not coming and Papa will come along but since Papa can't leave Mama due to her health condition, Papa gave his tickets to erwin. And to top of it all, tomorrow is our 5th Year Anniversary as a couple! So we get to spend time together and it's Erwins first time to meet my Lolo and visit Papa's hometown. This coming Sunday is the Feast of San Lorenzo in our little Barangay in Catbalogan Samar. Papa usually attends the fiesta every year but since I promised to San lorenzo last year that I'll be back when I passed the bar, so here I am. =)Oh, and its the first time that my Lolo will see his "apo sa tuhod" Joaqui...

I am excited for tomorrow!!!

Last year it was me, papa and bella


After several weeks, months of contemplating after the bar, I finally got what I wanted. LITIGATION! A month after the bar, I joined Philippine Airlines Litigation Department for a special project. Yeah, it was fun! Met new people, observed some of them and spent 4 months with my good friend Audrey =) After the project ended, I planned to get a month of vacation (translation: BUM around at home).. Oh how I miss doing nothing, watching my all time favorite series, eating for 12 hours a day and spent the night with babe at the mall.. Haaayy.. Oh yes and so I thought, after a week of leaving PAL, I got in at a law firm. The litigation experience that I want was finally here. My first day I want to walk out, to those practicing for years would laugh my ass off because I was merely ask to draft a Motion for Extension. And it took me a day to finish it off and that very same day I signed my very first pleading! Oh happiness!!! =)

By far, Ive attended 5 hearings and drafted at least 6 pleadings.. Not bad! But I need to learn a lot more, A LOT!

Till my next hearing! =)

Monday, May 3, 2010

What type are you?

Warning: Cheesy Mode!!!
I am for sure that I would never settle for a companion, boyfriend or friend who are introverts. I mean, generally. I could sit down, have coffee and just talk nonsence stuff and laugh until the night ends or in the wee hour of the morning. Pero in the truest sense of the word, GALA ako =) I mean, who doesnt want to go in a long trip, drive and in your final destination, you could feel that sense of satisfaction that you are way far from your room, hehe. Glad thing is E is the same, he's the type of guy who wants out of town trips or domestic/intl flights kind of trip.. I am so glad he's like that. But of course, there is his lazy moments. He likes to do it spontaneously, NAH for me! But sometimes if he sees that Im bored, he'll go out of his way to take me out coz he knows I can't stand the whole day doing nothing, sweet =) LOL.

Anyway, the important thing is, get someone whose compatible with your likes, dislikes or what not! =) That is so important, if you're like me, you'd want to kill yourself if you are stuck with an introvert or someone who doesnt want to go to the beach!!! =) Geez, I cant imagine na nga now what if E hates the beach, haaayyy, glad thing he does.

Tomorrow is interview day =) Then signing of the roll then get my IBP card then CAMPAIGN! =) Yay!

Bye for now!

Monday, April 26, 2010


When I hear stories about cheating boyfriends and girlfriends, husband and wives, me and E used to argue about how the process goes. E used to stick with his idea that things cannot be avoided, I abhor the idea!!! For me, it's all about CHOICES. You choose if you wanna get tempted or you wanna tempt a person. If you do, then good luck! I always tell E that no matter how in love you are with a person, there is always or will be a third person who will come into your life and sweep you right on your feet or so you think hehe. If you are in a relationship, you always hold on to the idea of marriage, kids, grand house with big kitchen or what not.. Come on, this is so true! And most importantly, that you two will last forever until a third party comes along.. Yeah, trust me, there is always a leech out there! I dont have the slighest idea why girls used to like committed man and boys like girls with boyfriends, do you? Coz I dont.

Uy, wait. This is not my story neither E's haha.

I just feel sorry for the girls and guys who got cheated on by their horny partners LOL. But anyway, its all about choice. So if you feel there's someone lurking around the vicinity, trying to sweep you right off your feet pretending they like you, trust me they don't!!! =) So, what do you do? BLOCK their numbers or better yet, decline their calls hehe. Trust me, you'll finally realize at the end of the day, YOU ARE WITH THE BETTER PERSON =) or the perfect GIRL for you =).

Im glad I am. =)

Friday, April 23, 2010

when it rains, it pours

True enough as the saying goes.. it is in fact true. Erwin used to tell me that in his life, when bad luck strikes, the good luck comes next. Which honestly, I think this is true when it comes to his luck in life. But in mine, I have a different perspective. I believe in praying, I feel like if I prayed and haggled too much in begging HIM or HER, Id get what I want. That in my deepest and saddest moment, only prayers can save me. And after praying, I know HE or SHE would grant it. Yes, I think I am that spoiled.

But then I realized after what happened in the past 12 months of my life, I always resort to praying. Sabi nga nila, nasa Diyos ang awa nasa Tao ang gawa. During the bar exams, I studied alone and prayed before or after. During my Mama's operation I started praying everyday until now. When the bar results werent out yet, I was constantly asking myself, should I stop after I passed or should I stop after I fail? At the back of my mind, guilt were all over. I know it wasnt my conscience, but it was HIM asking me. I answered "I wouldnt stop" but of course with some sort of exceptions hehe. After what I have been through for the past months, is this the so-called BLESSED? And I think it is. I sorta admit I am blessed by saying THANK YOU everytime I sleep, saying THANK YOU after my intention in the rosary and lastly by being content in what I have now.

So I feel blessed. With having my family still intact. With having a few friends which I know would last for a lifetime. My relatives which constantly making me happy and loved. My Erwin who is always by my side, I thank Him for giving me the perfect man. For E's family, my second family.

So sometimes, you might want to stop for a while. Go down memory lane and think for all the blessings He has given you, and you might be surprise it is more than what you ask for in life =) And praying the rosary once in a week isnt so bad *wink!

Till next time! =)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's indeed my month!

I passed! I finally have the ATTY. before my name. I feel happy, excited, nervous, ecstatic about what will happen for the next few days, months or years. Let me tell you first what happened the day before and the day itself of the big news. (this is going to be a long entry!)
24.5% only passed the 2009 Bar Examinations, 1,451 out of 5,903 examinees made it. You see, the 2009 Bar Examinations held on four sundays of September, two subjects in a day with 18 questions per subjects and with 3 at most sub questions each. My first day first subject was nerve wrecking. I couldnt even move my pen, as I try to analyze the question "Can the Congress pass a law changing Lupang Hinirang to Bayan KO as our National Anthem?", I knew the answer but my hands wont move. It was the scariest day of my life but as I started writing, the rest go on. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th or 5th (due to Ondoy) week was scary as well. I was actually thinking, that out of 5,903 examinees "Do I belong to the upper 20%?".. And Erwin said YES. He's my number one fan, hehe. As the day comes near the result week, I tried to pretend that everything will be okay and even pretended that I wasnt nervous at all.. Yes, I still have the 9 hours sleep every night!

March 26, 2010 --> It was THE day. I tagged along with Erwin, went to the gym, ran for an hour. That morning I told E to bring the laptop so I can hang out at Starbucks and spend the day with FB =). And of all the days, E forgot to bring his laptop. So at 1pm on the day of the results, I felt numb. So I decided i'll get myself "The Last Song" by Nicholas Sparks to kill time. At 2pm, I was already at Baclaran, prayed so hard like i've never haggled in my entire life, my feet were already numb from kneeling for like 4 hours!!! At 6pm, I picked up Erwin and went to Starbucks in MOA. I pretended reading again my book while Erwin kept on refreshing the SC website. He was actually giving me a heart attack! By 9pm, the results werent out yet and I was really starving so we went to Maxs MOA. By the time we finish it was already 10pm and Justice Nachura were already giving his speech about the percentage of the Bar Examinations. Erwin, with the help of SM Wifi was still glued at the SC website, and he kept quiet when the names started to download... He said he was still in letter A... then D... I wanted to start crying because no one texted me, no Congrats whatsoever, the SC is probably on letter R now.. I feel like the world is starting to collapse, exaggerated I know! But it was! And then in a split second.. My phone lit up!!! It was from my college/car pool friend GOLDA =) She said Congrats! For a moment there I could believe it so I called her up and asked her if I passed, she said yes... And I started crying in the middle of Maxs MOA, Erwin confirmed the news through my other friends. Thanks GOLDA! =)
After learning the news, I cried like I never cried before, I felt like I was going through something that only I could understand. The happiness that I felt was undescribable that I couldnt get a good sleep for two days =). I was happy I made my parents happy and the people who prayed so hard for me so THANK YOU =).
Thanks to Erwin for being there for 5 sundays, getting me to DLSU and picking me up, for the understanding during the time I was reviewing for the bar and for always telling me that "Failing is not an option for me!" Haha! I love you babe!
Thank you to everyone who played a big part on my success, my parents, the impakta/os, my T friends, my prayer warriors and my relatives =). YUP, TAKE ONE! =)

Okay so now, I have to look for a job!

Till next time!

Monday, March 1, 2010

my future depends on this month..

Oh yes.. March will be the most memorable month for me. Aside from the fact that Ill be a year older on the 23rd, the Bar Exam result will be announced! They say it will be on March 15, others on the 2oth but one thing is sure. The result will totally change my life! If I passed, look for another job then life goes on.. If I dont (Oh please NO!), review again then take the exam then life goes on. In that one result my life will change dramatically! Ive been constantly telling my friends that if I dont pass, I need their text messages LOL. Its pretty funny when you dont het a text when you fail =) But anyway, 17% only passed the 2009 Bar Exam so out of 7000+ examinees, only 1,033 passed the Bar =).

Dont worry, ill still post if I pass or flunked =)

Life goes on =P

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I want to..

I want to cut my hair and have it dyed..
I want to leave the country the whole month of March and never to come back again =P
I want to tell myself that everything will fall into its own place...
I want to lose weight (which I am!)..
I want to leave town with Erwin and just have fun!

I am ranting again. I just want a normal day again and never to think of anything.. =(

Dont get me wrong, Im happy but I can't plan my future yet. I will. Soon.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bagoong Club

I've heard so much of this restaurant in QC but me and Erwin haven't had the chance to try it out and to think its only a couple of houses away from Erwin's old apartment in Tomas Morato. So one time, in a bargain me and E had, told him taht we really have to try this resto or else Im the only person who haven't eaten at this place (exagg I know!).. So here goes.. (Excuse my Iphone pics, bad bad bad resolution!)

As usual, since Erwin doesn't eat BEEF, we ordered their famous Kare-Kareng Bangus, around 300+ pesos. Yummy! We had Pork Binagoongan in two styles, Crispy and Fried Liempo I think! I like the Crispy Pork more.. While waiting for the food, they'll give you Singkamas with Bagoong. Two kinds of Bagoong, spicy and the not so spicy one! Great Bagoong =)
We are not Dessert person but we had to get rid of that Bagoong after taste so we ordered their best seller dessert =). All in all I think we spent 700+ only. Not bad eh??? =)

Totally Recomended restaurant if you're somewhere in QC!!! =)

Call for Reservation coz they're always jam packed ---> 122 Scout Dr. Lazcano, Sacred Heart, Quezon City.
Tel. 929-5450 and 929-0544