Friday, October 15, 2010


After several weeks, months of contemplating after the bar, I finally got what I wanted. LITIGATION! A month after the bar, I joined Philippine Airlines Litigation Department for a special project. Yeah, it was fun! Met new people, observed some of them and spent 4 months with my good friend Audrey =) After the project ended, I planned to get a month of vacation (translation: BUM around at home).. Oh how I miss doing nothing, watching my all time favorite series, eating for 12 hours a day and spent the night with babe at the mall.. Haaayy.. Oh yes and so I thought, after a week of leaving PAL, I got in at a law firm. The litigation experience that I want was finally here. My first day I want to walk out, to those practicing for years would laugh my ass off because I was merely ask to draft a Motion for Extension. And it took me a day to finish it off and that very same day I signed my very first pleading! Oh happiness!!! =)

By far, Ive attended 5 hearings and drafted at least 6 pleadings.. Not bad! But I need to learn a lot more, A LOT!

Till my next hearing! =)

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