Monday, March 1, 2010

my future depends on this month..

Oh yes.. March will be the most memorable month for me. Aside from the fact that Ill be a year older on the 23rd, the Bar Exam result will be announced! They say it will be on March 15, others on the 2oth but one thing is sure. The result will totally change my life! If I passed, look for another job then life goes on.. If I dont (Oh please NO!), review again then take the exam then life goes on. In that one result my life will change dramatically! Ive been constantly telling my friends that if I dont pass, I need their text messages LOL. Its pretty funny when you dont het a text when you fail =) But anyway, 17% only passed the 2009 Bar Exam so out of 7000+ examinees, only 1,033 passed the Bar =).

Dont worry, ill still post if I pass or flunked =)

Life goes on =P

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