Thursday, October 28, 2010


After invading Samar I think I gained a pound or more... When we arrived lunch time, my Lola served us 3 kilos of Crabs and oh yeah we finished everything off!!! Erwin and Baptiste were awed upon seeing my grandparents' 3rd floor...

Literally facing the Pacific Ocean, this is heaven
especially during sunset =)

The entire time we were eating crabs, I forgot to take pictures, I was so hungry to mind taking pictures. On the first day I thought Erwin was done eating crabs, but the next day he got up so early and asked me if we could go to the market! We bought 2 kilos of crabs and ate it for breakfast and so the next day =)

On the day we got to Samar, October 16, it was our 5th Anniversary. Even though we didn't celebrate it the way we should, I had so much fun being with babe! We agreed that we will have it post celebrated at BAGUIO! Its our favorite place =) Why Baguio? The day after I said YES to E, he went all the way up to Baguio to see me so technically Baguio was our first date. Oh, cheesy mode: it was there we agreed our term of endearment LOL. Sorry naman, love mode.

Till my next ramblings!!! =)

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