Monday, April 26, 2010


When I hear stories about cheating boyfriends and girlfriends, husband and wives, me and E used to argue about how the process goes. E used to stick with his idea that things cannot be avoided, I abhor the idea!!! For me, it's all about CHOICES. You choose if you wanna get tempted or you wanna tempt a person. If you do, then good luck! I always tell E that no matter how in love you are with a person, there is always or will be a third person who will come into your life and sweep you right on your feet or so you think hehe. If you are in a relationship, you always hold on to the idea of marriage, kids, grand house with big kitchen or what not.. Come on, this is so true! And most importantly, that you two will last forever until a third party comes along.. Yeah, trust me, there is always a leech out there! I dont have the slighest idea why girls used to like committed man and boys like girls with boyfriends, do you? Coz I dont.

Uy, wait. This is not my story neither E's haha.

I just feel sorry for the girls and guys who got cheated on by their horny partners LOL. But anyway, its all about choice. So if you feel there's someone lurking around the vicinity, trying to sweep you right off your feet pretending they like you, trust me they don't!!! =) So, what do you do? BLOCK their numbers or better yet, decline their calls hehe. Trust me, you'll finally realize at the end of the day, YOU ARE WITH THE BETTER PERSON =) or the perfect GIRL for you =).

Im glad I am. =)

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audrey said...

i so agree with you misch! it always takes two to tango. whether or not the "kabit" is in good faith, "kabit" pa din sya. :)