Friday, October 15, 2010

SAMAR.. Here we come!

Me, Erwin, Carina, Baptiste (Carz Bf) and Joaqui will be leaving for Samar tomorrow morning for two nights and 3 days. The original plan is Erwin's not coming and Papa will come along but since Papa can't leave Mama due to her health condition, Papa gave his tickets to erwin. And to top of it all, tomorrow is our 5th Year Anniversary as a couple! So we get to spend time together and it's Erwins first time to meet my Lolo and visit Papa's hometown. This coming Sunday is the Feast of San Lorenzo in our little Barangay in Catbalogan Samar. Papa usually attends the fiesta every year but since I promised to San lorenzo last year that I'll be back when I passed the bar, so here I am. =)Oh, and its the first time that my Lolo will see his "apo sa tuhod" Joaqui...

I am excited for tomorrow!!!

Last year it was me, papa and bella

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