Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's indeed my month!

I passed! I finally have the ATTY. before my name. I feel happy, excited, nervous, ecstatic about what will happen for the next few days, months or years. Let me tell you first what happened the day before and the day itself of the big news. (this is going to be a long entry!)
24.5% only passed the 2009 Bar Examinations, 1,451 out of 5,903 examinees made it. You see, the 2009 Bar Examinations held on four sundays of September, two subjects in a day with 18 questions per subjects and with 3 at most sub questions each. My first day first subject was nerve wrecking. I couldnt even move my pen, as I try to analyze the question "Can the Congress pass a law changing Lupang Hinirang to Bayan KO as our National Anthem?", I knew the answer but my hands wont move. It was the scariest day of my life but as I started writing, the rest go on. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th or 5th (due to Ondoy) week was scary as well. I was actually thinking, that out of 5,903 examinees "Do I belong to the upper 20%?".. And Erwin said YES. He's my number one fan, hehe. As the day comes near the result week, I tried to pretend that everything will be okay and even pretended that I wasnt nervous at all.. Yes, I still have the 9 hours sleep every night!

March 26, 2010 --> It was THE day. I tagged along with Erwin, went to the gym, ran for an hour. That morning I told E to bring the laptop so I can hang out at Starbucks and spend the day with FB =). And of all the days, E forgot to bring his laptop. So at 1pm on the day of the results, I felt numb. So I decided i'll get myself "The Last Song" by Nicholas Sparks to kill time. At 2pm, I was already at Baclaran, prayed so hard like i've never haggled in my entire life, my feet were already numb from kneeling for like 4 hours!!! At 6pm, I picked up Erwin and went to Starbucks in MOA. I pretended reading again my book while Erwin kept on refreshing the SC website. He was actually giving me a heart attack! By 9pm, the results werent out yet and I was really starving so we went to Maxs MOA. By the time we finish it was already 10pm and Justice Nachura were already giving his speech about the percentage of the Bar Examinations. Erwin, with the help of SM Wifi was still glued at the SC website, and he kept quiet when the names started to download... He said he was still in letter A... then D... I wanted to start crying because no one texted me, no Congrats whatsoever, the SC is probably on letter R now.. I feel like the world is starting to collapse, exaggerated I know! But it was! And then in a split second.. My phone lit up!!! It was from my college/car pool friend GOLDA =) She said Congrats! For a moment there I could believe it so I called her up and asked her if I passed, she said yes... And I started crying in the middle of Maxs MOA, Erwin confirmed the news through my other friends. Thanks GOLDA! =)
After learning the news, I cried like I never cried before, I felt like I was going through something that only I could understand. The happiness that I felt was undescribable that I couldnt get a good sleep for two days =). I was happy I made my parents happy and the people who prayed so hard for me so THANK YOU =).
Thanks to Erwin for being there for 5 sundays, getting me to DLSU and picking me up, for the understanding during the time I was reviewing for the bar and for always telling me that "Failing is not an option for me!" Haha! I love you babe!
Thank you to everyone who played a big part on my success, my parents, the impakta/os, my T friends, my prayer warriors and my relatives =). YUP, TAKE ONE! =)

Okay so now, I have to look for a job!

Till next time!


Mari Dani said...

CONGRATS AGAIN IRENE! Thank you for sharing this, it was definitely a special moment and I'm so proud of you!!! I'm not looking forward to taking the bar HAHAH

Michelle said...

Congratulations! Much Deserved!

misch said...

Thanks Yani! You will definitely ace your Bar exams, kaw pa! =)

audrey said...

congrats atty. misch! ayan nakita ko na rin blog mo. :)