Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Two down..

4 to go..
Grabe, I think I did well naman kahit papano with my Conflict of Laws exam and my Mercantile Law Review exam.. Shoot, I super hope so!!! I still have my Remedial on Friday, Civil on Monday, Political on Wednesday and last but not the least, my Taxation Exam.. Haaayyy.. Please pray that I'll remember all the books that I read and memorized. I have those senior moments pa naman. Its Tanay Town Fiesta on Friday, sucks that I have my Rem at that day but it wont stop me, I'll go home on thurs hehe. So I have to study na tom.
Oh, Conflicts of Law (sportsfest of law schools) will be on February!!! And my Boracay Valentine date is soon na.. =P

Goodnight! =)

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