Friday, January 2, 2009

My New Year post =p

2008 was rather a good year for me. Lots of memories, adventures, mishaps, friendships lost or in short another roller coaster ride for me.. There were bumps but I got through with it, may it be in school, my personal life and not so naman in my family. My 2008 is pretty fast, nothing barely happened. It was good in a sense that I was elected at school, got good grades, passed all the subjects, got new friends, less partying and stayed home, organized an event which turned out good and my relationship with Erwin is pretty good. However it was bad on the other side that I cram a lot this year, I became masungit ata =p. Yun lang. Sum it up, 2008 was a good year for me.

This 2009, Im looking forward to:
1. Pamper myself with a Nikon DSLR D60 (I super love it talaga!)
2. Get this must have perfume of mine (in order) Sheer Veil by Vera Wang, Paris Hilton, benetton Pink, Tommy Girl, Liz Sport, D&G Lite Blue, Gucci Envy =)
3. Graduate and take the Bar Exam
4. Be less masungit to honey
5. Lose weight, hehe
6. Get that Dolce and Gabbana shades that I have been eyeing for
7. Mirenesse Secret Weapon mascara

Haaayyy.. There's a lot more pero baka hindi ko kayanin. =)

Welcome 2009! =)


Patricia Dulay said...

misyel! i have blogspot na din!

ayn-gracie said...

hello irene misch!

Gusto ko na rin ng foreigner na bf!!! haha... pakisabi kay carina! :)

Anyway, grabe ang mahal ng goals mo this year ha...

Mari said...

Happy New Year!