Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I am so dead..

Promise I will start studying tomorrow.. So what I have accomplished today?
1. Wasn't able to attend my 9am Merc Class because of the freaking traffic in Edsa, took me two hours to get to school!
2. UST Hospital (girl thing)
3. Paid my Globe line. Yes, I got disconnected! So the whole time I was using my SUN.
4. Did some grocery shopping at Crossings Q. Ave. Got Erwin some chips and myself some bread, tuna, ham, chops and ground chicken. To think I did na my grocery 2 days ago at Savemore Tanay. I am so addicted to Supermarkets!! Aren't you? Its so fun!
5. Spent 1 hour at National Bookstore =) Got myself pens and more pens, calendar thingy and some papers =)
6. Got lost at Espana.. After I exited from UST I thought there's no left turn towards Espana Q Ave so I U-turned pa at Nagtahan! I know, super layo! Tanga-tanga ko talaga ever! =P
7. And now.. Facebooking!!

My car smells like Danggit and Siomai! How can I get rid of it???

Shall I take the MRT tomorrow OR drive and wake up at 6am????

Haaayy.. I am so venting! Erwin will kill me!

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