Monday, February 16, 2009

Our 5th Valentine together! =P

Its actually our 4th pero I consider kasi yung getting to know each other stage pa hehe =). But anyway, we want this year to be different so we celebrated it outside of Msnila (and Erwin and I made a concensus na from this year on we will celebrate our valentine together outside of Manila para maiba naman). So what did I do? Booked Boracay and Erwin booked Boracay Plaza. We arrived Caticlan at around 4pm and due to honey's addiction to Jonahs Fruitshake, we went there agad and he had his Chocolate Butter Peanut and I got a Melon Mango Shake. Super yum! =) For our dinner, we had Gasthof (they are famous for their baby back ribs)

After which, we had a few mojitos at Juice Bar then rested early.
For our 2nd day, breakfast at the resort, and then lunch at Talipapa, they have their own version of Dampa, which is super sarap! =) Theyre seafoods are all so fresh talaga. We had Crabs in Sweet Chili Sauce and Butter Garlic Shrimp =)

The rest of the afternoon, we spent it at Audrey's resort in Station 3, my pic below was suppose to be for picture purposes only pero Erwin got hooked with it and spent two hours fishing pero wala naman syang nakuha, hehe, he is so frustrated! =P

After Audrey's, we hit Jonahs again and this time, had isaw also! Ang sarap ng isaw nila in Boracay pero pricey, 10 bucks for 1 isaw, mahal noh? But anyway, for dinner we ate at an Inasal restaurant, at first we wanted to eat at Mang Inasal but I dont like the chicken there, its cheap pero the chicken is so dry and I will never again eat ther, so we ate at this Inasal resto again (we ate at the exact resto in our Bora 07). Yummy food and yummy sauce, hehe.

Erwin wanted to sleep early and I was okay with that (yeah, we are getting old) but last minute he changed his mind so we had a few drinks at Guillys Island, music was okay naman. The next and our last day, Valentine's Day! Breakfast at the resort and had lunch at Guilly's, we are craving for Sisig and man, Guilly's never failed us, yummy sisig and yummy sinigang na hipon! =) Oh, we went to Jinah's again for another fruitshake before going to the airport.. =)

And I was practically at the sun the whole day and still failed to get the tan line I want! Kainis! I wanted to get a little dark sana..

It was a fun valentine celebration indeed =) Looking forward for another valentine celebration with Erwin. =) Thinking we might celebrate it at Cebu next year.

Happy Heart's Day everyone! Hope you had a blast! =)


Fulano, Beltrano e tio Sicrano (((((((: said...

God bless you two and your love

Anonymous said...

Ang sexy mo friend!!! Or is it just the angle... hehe:)