Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Big Bump

So now i'm finally okay.. No, no, not finally siguro but i'm pretty much getting there naman (Ayn, will tell you pag super im okay na, hehe). But anyway, I decided to blog coz I felt its such a good day to blog.. For one, I just got a text from a pretty close friend of mine that she's pregnant =). And just recently, a friend of mine got birth also, Congrats Karren! Haaayy.. Why do all girls now get so bumpy?! Yeah, I know, do I want it? Not now.. But I know soon ill get there. Im just super happy when a friend gets pregnant, coz everybody seems to be in a jolly mood and plus the fact that I love babies! And aside from the fact that we have another one on the way due this february, Sabella's brother is coming.. Yeah, my brother has two kids na and Im the eldest =).. For a moment, me and Erwin could have that, but I know God has other plans =)

So anyway, midterms are over! Im pretty doubtful on Taxation and my Remedial Exam =P. Super nakakatanga ang questions, Yeah I read the whole thing but when I started reading the questions, DUH?! I hope i'm in the median.. Pray misch!

So now, Im gonna go back studying for Mercantile and get some cases and move on with my life.. Im gonna charge everything to experience and I know the guy up there LOVES me so much!

Peace everyone! Mwah!

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